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A visual programming language. Visit for more information.


See the installation documentation for details.

Once you have Node.js installed;

  • On Linux run: sudo npm install xible -g
  • On Windows run: npm install xible -g


After installation is completed;

  1. xible server start
  2. Navigate to http://localhost:9600. Or replace "localhost" with the actual address of the machine where you installed XIBLE.

Automatically start XIBLE

To automatically start XIBLE on boot (requires a Linux installation);

  1. sudo xible service enable
  2. sudo xible service start to start it immediately.

Browser support

The browser based graphical editor which comes with XIBLE is currently only supported by the Google Chrome browser; versions 53 and up. Opera, which is based on the same engine as Chrome, is also supported starting from version 44.

Other browsers may work, but some editor functionality is unavailable if Shadow DOM v1 is not implemented. It will be possible to start, stop and delete flows, but deploying and saving is disabled. Also, the detail settings of nodes are not visible.