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    A lightweight, responsive, smart gallery based on jQuery.


    Check out the Demo or try it yourself with CodePen

    To see a real-live sample see the Flickr Demo or try it yourself with the CodePen Sample



    In this sample .photos is a <div> containing the images. xGallerify will resize the images in a pleasant way for you.

    Custom Styling

    You can put your images inside of div's and style them the way you want. Check out the full CodePen Demo including all settings, for a sample with a custom styled div.

    CDN (jsDelivr)

    <!-- Latest Version -->
    <script src=""></script>
    <script src=""></script>
    <!-- Specific Version -->
    <script src=""></script>


    Name Default / Options Type Description
    margin e.g. 10 int Value in pixels of the margin of each image on each side
    galleryMargin e.g. 17 int Value in pixels of the margin outside of the gallery. This is set to 17px default because of some rendering issue on macOS Safari
    mode default, bootstrap, bootstrapv4, flickr, small or custom object string or object The style mode wich defines how the gallery should be displayed and how many images fit in a row. See description in the mode section.
    lastRow adjust, fullwidth or hidden string Set the last row to the full width, hide it or find a good adjustment. NOTE: I personally prefer adjust, wich is also the default.
    jsSetup true or false bool Sets some default CSS values to the elements like dislay:inline-block and for each image inside of a container width:100%. This can be disabled if you want to have your own floating or style this in plain CSS.
    debounceTime 0 int This functionality waits x ms before rendering a new loaded image to boost the performance on older machines.
    width 800 int Width of the gallery in px - Work in Progress! It is recommended to use an outer div with a specific width to controll the width of the Gallery.


    The modes property defines how many images do show at what container width

    NOTE If you want to have another mode you are welcome to contribute or open an issue.
    The maximal image height helps to show multiple images in a row, if the images do have a very high ratio like 3:9.

    Predefined Modes

    Mode Breakpoint Images per row
    default mode Container width > 1800 4
    Container width > 1200 3
    Container width > 768 2
    Container width < 768 1
    Maximal image height Screen Height * 0.5
    bootstrap mode Container width > 1170 4
    Container width > 970 3
    Container width > 750 2
    Container width < 750 1
    Maximal image height Screen Height * 0.5
    bootstrapv4 mode Container width > 1200 4
    Container width > 992 3
    Container width > 768 2
    Container width < 768 1
    Maximal image height Screen Height * 0.5
    flickr mode Container width > 1800 4
    Container width > 1300 3
    Container width > 610 2
    Container width < 610 1
    Maximal image height Screen Height * 0.4
    small mode Container width > 1800 14
    Container width > 1300 10
    Container width > 610 6
    Container width < 610 4
    Maximal image height Screen Height * 0.4

    Custom Modes

    The mode parameter can also be an object that defnies the breakpoints and max height of an image.
    Check out the Codepen demo or the following sample object:

    var gallery = $('.photos').gallerify({
            maxHeight: screen.height * 0.5,
                    minWidth: 1170,
                    columns: 10,
                    minWidth: 970,
                    columns: 6,
                    minWidth: 750,
                    columns: 3,
                    maxWidth: 750,
                    columns: 2,



    If new images are added or loaded you can call render to reinitialize the gallery. This will only resize the images to fit again.

    $(window).on('load', function() { // Eventlistener that fires when all images are loaded

    Render Async Images

    Automatically renders every time an image has been loaded. This needs to get called everytime you add a new image to .photos after calling gallerify(), if you don't have your own image loaded event listener like described in the Render function documentation.

    $('.photos').append('<img src="sample-image.jpg">');
    $('.photos').append('<img src="sample-image2.jpg">');
    $('.photos').append('<img src="sample-image3.jpg">');


    xGallerify AngularJS directive: JohnnyTheTank/angular-xGallerify

    Thanks everyone for contributing. Suggestions are always welcome.
    Also I'm happy to hear in which projects you've used the library.



    npm i xgallerify

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