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    A very lightweight library to create a production debugger with custom errors readable for humans. Includes errors in table format, logger and search methods with dynamic filters.

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    This library with zero dependencies was designed for debug/capture errors in development or production environment and obtain errors in background, with a readable format for any developer, also can disable console logs any time.

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    2. Installation
    3. How to use



    npm installation:

    npm i xdebugger

    Or without npm:

    <!-- In development environment -->
    <script src="xdebugger.js"></script>
    <!-- In production environment -->
    <script src="xdebugger.min.js" async></script>

    How to use

    Use XDebugger is really easy and very flexible, it's possible define debug, log, datatypes, action, default and max variables for different logs requirements.

    Can use for debug development or in production website. Also if you want for example can load debug parameters via API, like { debug: true, log: false } and obtain errors or custom logs if you set.

    In case use npm:

    import XDebugger from 'xdebugger';

    Basic initialization

    // In development environment
    const debug = new XDebugger({ debug: true, log: true });
    // In production environment
    const debug = new XDebugger({ debug: true });

    Set { log: false } disable completely console. That's mean XDebugger, clean console for not show any log, info, warn, table and error. If try log anything console show:

      Console was cleared
    > console.log("Try write something like this");
    "Developer mode is disabled."

    How log

    You can log any data you want, also XDebugger add by default time as String and timestamp format as Number.

    // Obviously you need initialize before!!
    // Example log =>
      message: `${value} is not a valid data type`,
      code: 150,
      explanation: `The variable was evaluated and is not valid, typeof ${value}${typeof value}.`,
      response: `Change to ${this._datatypes.toString()} data type.`,
      error: `Value expect a ${this._datatypes.toString()} and recieve ${typeof value}`,

    How to listen errors

    window.onerror = (message, url, line, col, err) => debug.log(debug.onerror(message, url, line, col, err));

    How to get logs

    // Output =>
    > [{..}]

    How to search / filter logs

    Search was based in MongoDB queries for filter. XDebugger have 6 types of filters:

    • $eq: Match value of log key with query value key
    • $cnt: Contains value of log key with query value key
    • $lte: Less or equal value of log key with query value key
    • $gte: More or equal value of log key with query value key
    • $lt: Less value of log key with query value key
    • $gt: More value of log key with query value key

    $eq search

    // Implicit search{
      timestamp: 1556528447311,
      code: 105
    // Explicit search{
      timestamp: {
        $eq: 1556528447311
      code: 401

    $cnt search{
      error: {
        $cnt: "filter"
      internalCode: 9224

    $lte search{
      timestamp: {
        $lte: 1556528447311
      code: 105

    $lt search{
      timestamp: {
        $lt: 1556528447311
      browser: "Google Chrome"

    $gte search{
      timestamp: {
        $gte: 1556528447311
      version: 12.1

    $gt search{
      timestamp: {
        $gt: 1556528447311
      name: "John Doe",
      idUser: "507f191e810c19729de860ea"

    How set and send log per log to a API

    const debug = new Debugger({ debug: true, action: (log) => {
        // Here your code to POST log

    How export and download logs

    You can export all logs and download in a JSON file.


    Also can export filtered logs as follow:

      code: 105,
      browser: "Brave"

    How console logs in readable format

    The view function accept Array or Object, that mean one or more logs.


    How to clean debugger

    This clean logger and console.


    How set default data

    default key in object initialization parameter allow set default data like browser, version, internalCode, etc.

    // 'library' as third party source functionality
    const debug = new XDebugger({ debug: true, default: {
      version: library.browser.version,
      language: library.browser.lang,

    Also you can rewrite default time and timestamp:

    const debug = new XDebugger({ debug: true, default: {
      time: mycustomtime.toString(),
      timestamp: mycustomtime.getTime(),

    How set max records and size of values log

    • length: set the max records logger can save
    • size: set the max size value of log allowed in MB, Ex: { key: "value value value value value value value " } => 80 Bytes
    const debug = new XDebugger({ debug: true, default: {
      max: {
        length: 60,
        size: 100

    datatypes Not tested yet!!

    Define allowed data type of log value.

    Not tested with functions or other data type.

    By default it allow number, string, object.

    Try not use complex schema with console.table, that lose the readable format


    npm i xdebugger

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