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    XcooBee Cookie Kit Core

    What is the XCK

    The XcooBee Cookie Kit (XCK) is both a cookie and script consent manager. It will load scripts and set cookies only when consent is verified and also automatically clean up when consent is removed.

    The objective of the XcooBee Cookie Kit (XCK) is to enable websites to manage their Cookie and Script consent more effectively and with less annoyance to their users. The XCK can work in concert with the XcooBee network to improve overall management for users and businesses but that is not required. When the XCK works independently of XcooBee some management functionality will not be available.

    The XCK makes it easy to plugin cookie, script, fingerprint and Do-Not-Sell consent into your website. It handles all user interaction to obtain consent and lets the website know which cookies and scripts can be used for each user while they visit your website. Similarly, your website can now be informed when users change their consent even when they are not visiting it.

    The XCK is one of the most transparent and frictionless ways to manage cookies on your site. It will not pop-up, in, or otherwise hinder the user experience when it is not needed. Yet, at the same time, it provides full compliance with European e-directives and related GDPR rules as well as parts of the CCPA rules.

    Website owners can easily react to data-requests and report on privacy related requests if needed via the XcooBee network.

    The XCK does not require a XcooBee connection to work for your website.

    The XCK is responsive and will adjust easily to different screens including mobile uses.


    Cookie Kit Tutorial

    What is the difference

    The Cookie Kit is not just an information overlay. It is an active cookie and script loader. It will load scripts and clean up after them when user removes the consent. This makes it easier for developer to use. Only populate hooks and the XCK do the work. The XCK will help you implement the premises of the CCPA, GDPR, and European e-directive correctly.

    The core framework

    The core framework (XcooBee Cookie Kit Core) has all the methods and functions that are used in the web and React iterations. Thus it is not intended to be used directly.

    If you need to use the Cookie Kit please visit the other packages:


    npm i xcoobee-cookie-kit-core

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