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A utility for fetching xbox live gamer data, supporting multiple sources


An NPM for fetching xbox live player data

First include the module:

var XBoxLive = require('xbox-live');

then, instantiate the object:

var api = new XBoxLive();

now you can fetch a profile:

api.fetch('profile', 'Major+Nelson', function(err, data){
    //do stuff

or games:

api.fetch('games', 'Major+Nelson', function(err, data){
    //do stuff

or friends:

api.fetch('friends', 'Major+Nelson', function(err, data){
    //do stuff

or achievements (for a particular xbl game id):

api.fetch('achievements', 'Major+Nelson', 1096157139, function(err, data){
    //do stuff

In an attempt to be less prone to breakage there are two sources: the default, and, which seems to enforce stricter limits. If more pop up, I will likely add them, too. xboxleaders has been updated to their new format, but be warned: their service has become extremely flakey and when it fails, it claims the user/game/whatever doesn't exist on XBL :P but it's up-to-date with less dependencies.

Run the tests at the project root with:


(run these before submitting a pull request)


-Abbey Hawk Sparrow