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xface app configuration file auto-generator


  • Install it with npm

    npm install xappconfig -g

  • To create an app.xml with default template

    xappconfig -c

    Then follow the prompt, input your own value or simply take the default one.

  • To update one or more preferences, run

    xappconfig -u -i myappid -v 1.0.2


  • -c create
  • -u update
  • -i appid
  • -n app name
  • -t app type
  • -v version
  • -icon
  • -content source for content
  • -m app mode
  • -e lowest engine version required by app
  • -r remote url for native app
  • -d description
  • -a author
  • -s site
  • -mail email of author
  • -l license
  • -f path for app.xml