simple loading configuration settings depending on an environment variable NODE_ENV like development, test, production


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selects configuration settings based on a given env or the NODE_ENV variable, with a value like development,test or production.


  var config          = require('x-configs')(__dirname+'/config'),

the config is loaded from the given file. The file is a normal node module and we expect an object with keys for each of the following env values:

    'development':{ ... }
    'test':{ ... }
    'production':{ ... }

each environment specific object must contain the complete settings.

as a config file is a normal javascript module, one can use the function merge from the module "x-common" to reuse some settings:


  var merge = require('x-commen').merge;
  var generic={
    ... same settings for all environments ...
      // merging into a new empty object, the generic setting and the following overriding settings 
          url: 'http://devurl'
          url: 'http://testurl'


one can have in a config additional specific variants besides development,test and production.


  require('x-configs')( filename ,'production_ref')

if the config module contains a key production_ref:{..} this one is returned otherwise 'production' is used.

Thus as fallback _suffixes are removed from the key until an object is found or the key is empty

If env is a name beginning with an '_' p.e. '_variant', then this value is combined with the current NODE_ENV value p.e. 'production'. The key tried first is then: 'production_variant'.


module: { loaders: [ { test: /.png$/, loader: "url-loader?limit=10000&minetype=image/png" } ] },