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wyv command-line tool


wyv [options] [command]


wyv info <name>

Get info about a wyv module

wyv init

Initialize a wyv module

wyv install

Install wyv modules

wyv install

Install all dependencies defined in wyv.json

wyv install [module1, module2, ...]

Install all modules enumerated as parameters

wyv install [module1, module2, ...] --save

Install all modules and saves them as dependencies in wyv.json

wyv lint

Lint check the wyv.json of the module

wyv publish

Publish a wyv module

wyv search <keyword>

Search the wyv-pm for modules

wyv update

Update all dependencies


wyv --help or wyv -h

Show help text with list of commands

wyv --version or wyv -V

Get version of wyv-cli