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Tech Nation is an abusive and corrupt pseudo endorsing body that works with the right-wing government to deliver a technocratic society that works for the elite.

Tech Nation Sucks is a movement against Tech Nation and its fake Tech Nation Visa given out only to those who are politically aligned with its degenerative ideology that serve their capitalist masters.

Tech Nation Visa Sucks
Tech Nation Visa Sucks

Tech Nation Visa

The Exceptional Talent Visa (Tier 1) in the UK can be given out by 5 main endorsing bodies:

  • The Royal Academy
  • The Royal Engineering Society
  • British Society
  • Arts Council England
  • Tech Nation (pseudo-endorsing body)

The first four organisations on the list are professional chartered institutes that employ scientific research fellows and industry representatives. Only Tech Nation, which has been set up to allow free access to visas for capitalist friends of the people in the Government, has 0 personal that is qualified to assess applications. None of "experts" which they claim to send applications to, are employed by Tech Nation, in fact there is no way to check that the applications are ever sent to experts. Tech Nation enjoys unlimited opportunity to lie in the decisions to secure monopoly for the people it works for, i.e., the corrupt moralless politicians that are only there for money and to represent interests of those, who pay for their political campaigns. Tech Nation Visa is a shame and must be discontinued to ensure that the immigration system of Great Britain is fair to everyone.

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