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WW Timer

WW Timer

WW Timer is a highly accurate timer library for web browsers.

Why It's Needed

Typically, when implementing timer functionality in web browsers, the setTimeout or setInterval methods are used. However, due to the nature of JavaScript's execution model, achieving precise time measurement can be challenging.

JavaScript's asynchronous functions are subject to delays depending on the number of tasks the web browser is executing. This can result in the setTimeout and setInterval functions being deprioritized in the event loop, which, while generally inconsequential for standard functionality, can introduce critical errors in timing accuracy for timer implementations.


The solution lies in utilizing the Web Worker API supported by browsers. Since Web Workers operate independently of the browser's main thread, they are not affected by the complexity of the tasks being executed in the web app. This independence allows for more accurate time measurements, irrespective of the main thread's load.


  • Accuracy: Provides highly accurate timing by circumventing the event loop's congestion.
  • Independence: Operates separately from the main thread, ensuring timer precision is maintained.
  • Ease of Use: Designed to be straightforward to implement within any web application.


# npm
npm install ww-timer
# yarn
yarn add ww-timer

Quick Start

// Import WW Timer
import WWTimer from 'ww-timer';

// Create a new timer
const timer = new WWTimer(() => {
  console.log('Timer tick');
}, 2000);

// Start the timer with a callback function

// Pause the timer

// Destroy the timer instance

API Reference

  • new WWTimer(callback, interval): Creates a new WWTimer instance with a callback function to be executed at a specified interval.
  • start(): Starts the timer. The timer will call the callback function at the interval specified during the instance creation.
  • pause(): Pauses the timer. The timer can be resumed by calling start() again.
  • destroy(): Destroys the timer instance and frees up resources. After calling this method, the timer instance cannot be used or restarted.


Compatible with most modern web browsers that support the Web Workers API.


Contributions to the WW Timer project are welcome. Please refer to the CONTRIBUTING.md file for more details.


WW Timer is released under the MIT License. See the LICENSE file for more information.

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