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Aggregator of strategies to transpile JS code. It provides unified programmatic and CL interfaces to transpile/optimize/minimize/beautify code by one or several transpilers in series. More strategies could be added as plugins. Default options of transpilation can be written into a config file to avoid retyping. Use the module to utilize the power of open source transpilation tools in single package.

Supports such tranpilation strategies

  • Uglify
  • Babel
  • Prepack
  • Closure

Try out from the repository

git clone https://github.com/Wandalen/wTranspile
cd wTranspile
will .npm.install
node sample/trivial/Sample.s

Make sure you have utility willbe installed. To install willbe: npm i -g willbe@stable. Willbe is required to build of the module.

To add to your project

npm add 'wtranspile@stable'

Willbe is not required to use the module in your project as submodule.

Try out

npm -g install wtranspile@alpha
ts .
ts .config.define debug:0 minification:0 optimization:9
ts .config.read

Try out

npm -g install wtranspile
ts .config.define debug:0 minification:7 optimization:9
ts .config.define strategies:[ Babel, Uglify, Babel ]
ts .transpile inputPath:sample/trivial/Sample.s outputPath:temp.tmp/Sample.s
ts .config.define verbosity:3
ts .transpile inputPath:sample/Sample2.js outputPath:temp.tmp/Sample2.js debug:1

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