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    For easy file sync to WebtranslateIt.com

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    This project was manly created to have an NPM module for getting/sending translations to webtranslateit.com, that also supports multiple projects per config. It was heavily inspired by wti, so you might want to check that repository out for a much more feature complete tool build with Ruby.


    • Support for adding new locales
    • Support for adding new master files to project

    How to install

    To use wti-parser via cli, install it globally using npm:

    npm install -g wti-parser

    If you want to use the API instead, install it locally:

    npm install --save wti-parser

    then, include it in your javascript:

    var wti-parser = require('wti-parser');

    How to use via CLI

    To create a wti configuration file:

    wti-parser init

    Will generate wti_config.json.

    Available CLI options

    • -h, --help output usage information
    • -V, --version output the version number

    Available CLI commands

    • init Creates a wti_config.json file with the project settings. Run wti-parser init -h for more info
    • add-project Add a new WebTranslateIt project. Run wti-parser add-project -h for more info
    • push Push files that need translations. Run wti-parser push -h for more info
    • pull Pull files that were translated. Run wti-parser pull -h for more info
    • status Get status of a webtranslateit project. Run wti-parser status -h for more info

    Developing / extending

    • To install dependencies execute npm install
    • To test, execute npm test ( This will run Mocha tests and Instanbul coverage report)
    • To execute the CLI, execute npm start -- <command> [options]
    • To install your local version globally, execute npm install -g . on the project folder ( Only use for development)

    How to contribute

    To contribute to wti-parser you should fork this repository with git.

    1. Make a change that you might see fit on your own fork ( using develop branch )
    2. Create tests for your change, and also make sure the existing tests pass
    3. Only make pull requests from the develop branch. Pull requests from master won't be merged
    4. Check the opened and closed issues before creating one

    Thanks for your help!




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