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    This project has moved here. This repository is deprecated.


    ws-promise-client is a tiny framework that builds a request-response model onto HTML5 WebSockets using ES2015 Promises. You can use this with ES2017's await/async to simplify your WebSocket API. Both browsers and node.js are supported.

    The official server to use with this client can be found at kdex/ws-promise-server. This client supports any server that adheres to the RPC protocol.

    Getting started

    Your WebSocket code could roughly map to something like this:

    import Client from "ws-promise-client";
    const client = new Client("ws://localhost:8080");
    (async () => {
        /* The client connects (it will, by default, also automatically reconnect) */
        /* Both parties can have an array of return values in `reply` */
        const [result] = await client.send({
            instruction: "multiply",
            args: [1, 2, 3]
        /* Prints `6` */

    This code creates a client, connects to a server, then sends a message and receives the according reply without the need for setting up any kind of explicit callback or message IDs.

    API reference

    Client.constructor(url, protocols, options)

    Constructs a new ws-promise-client connecting to the url supporting the subprotocols protocols. The options argument is an optional object with the following keys:

    autoReconnect (default: true)

    Boolean property that determines whether to automatically reconnect to the server in case of connection losses, and also when the initial connect is unsuccessful.

    reconnectionFactor (default: 1.2)

    Numeric property that determines which factor to multiply the waiting time with after each reconnection try.

    reconnectionMinimum (default: 2000)

    Numeric property that determines the minimum amount of milliseconds to wait before reconnecting. Note that the initial reconnect will be tried immediately after a connection loss, regardless of this amount.


    An option object that will be passed to the constructor of ws-rpc-client.

    Opens the websocket connection and returns a promise that resolves once the connection is open.


    Closes the websocket connection and returns a promise that resolves once the connection is closed.


    Reconnects to the server and returns a Promise that resolves once the connection is (re-)opened. Before reconnecting for the first time, there will be a delay of newWaitingTime. If newWaitingTime is not provided, reconnectionMinimum is used.


    Sends payload to the server and returns a Promise that that resolves when the server's reply has been received. For more information on which keys are needed in payload, see the protocol (which also defines the send method).


    The following standard WebSocket client events are supported:

    • close
    • error
    • message
    • open

    The client also provides these additional events:

    • connectionFailed
    • reconnect
    • [instruction]

    The [instruction] event is a custom event that fires once an instruction with the name of instruction is received. For example, if the server sends a message with an instruction of showMenu, the client will call its onShowMenu method (if available) with the arguments that the server has put in the payload's args property.

    All events can either be handled by providing a handler method named on[Event] (see example above) or by registering an event listeners via on(event, handler).


    npm i ws-promise-client

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