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ws-affected is a command-line tool that helps you identify and/or run scripts only on npm workspaces affected by the changes on a git branch (default: current branch/commit). This script does not have any dependencies but node.js and git.


  • Run scripts on workspaces and their dependents affected by changes on a branch

    This is useful on local development to run tests and lint only on workspaces that have changed

  • List workspaces affected by changes on a branch

    This is useful for CI/CD scripts to determine affected workspaces to deploy

  • List a single workspace's prod dependencies

    This is useful for CI/CD scripts for packaging only the prod dependencies of a single workspace / service


You can run ws-affected directly using npx:

npx ws-affected [options]


Usage: npx ws-affected [options]

  -r, --run <script>      Run the specified commands on affected workspaces (repeatable flag)
  -l, --list              List recursively the dependents (inclusive) of affected workspaces or workspaces selected by --workspace flag
  -b, --base <branch>     The base branch to compare against (default: master)
  -h, --head <branch>     The head branch to compare for (default: HEAD)
  -c, --concurrency <n>   The number of concurrent tasks to run (default: 0 = number of CPUs)
  -u, --print-success     Print output for successful scripts as well
  -a, --all-workspaces    --run scripts on all workspaces
  -w, --workspace         --run scripts or --list dependencies of specific workspaces (repeatable flag)
  --list-dependencies     List recursively the dependencies (inclusive) of workspaces selected by --workspace flag
  --dep-types             What dependencies to look at. Options: 'all' (default) or 'prod'. 'prod' means "dependencies" and "peerDependencies" in package.json
  -h, --help              Show the help text

  ws-affected --list
  ws-affected --run lint --run test --concurrency 4
  ws-affected --base main --run build
  ws-affected --run lint --run test --print-success

Workspace vs package

  They are synonyms as far as this tool is concerned.

Dependents vs Dependencies

  Dependents are the packages the depend on a given package. Dependencies are packages that a given package depends on.

  Let's say A depends on B, which depends on C, which depends on D, which depends on E. The tree looks like the following:

  - B
    - C
      - D
        - E

  Focus on C for a moment (you can use --workspace C flag), and the following are definitions for some terms:

  - "Dependents" of C are A and B
  - "Dependents inclusive" of C are A, B and C
  - "Dependencies" of C are D and E.
  - "Dependencies inclusive" of C are C, D and E.

  "Affected workspaces" means the workspaces that was directly edited by changes on `--head` branch and the
  dependents of those workspaces.

A note about --workspace flag

  When --list or --list-dependencies is used, dependents/dependencies of \`--workspace\`s are included.
  When --run is used, only those \`--workspace\`s are used without including dependents/dependencies.


List workspaces affected by changes on current branch

npx ws-affected --list
# or npx ws-affected --list --base master --head HEAD
# or npx ws-affected --list --base origin/master --head origin/HEAD

Run scripts on affected workspaces

npx ws-affected --run lint --run test
✓ lint:service1 (748ms)
✓ lint:service3 (1289ms)
✓ test:shared-lib (2816ms)

⏱️  Took 2.89s (3 tasks)

Same command but show output for all scripts including successful ones

npx ws-affected --run lint --print-success
✓ lint:service1 $ npm run -w service1 --if-present lint
│ > service1@0.1.0 lint
│ > ./scripts/
└─ Success (748ms)

✓ lint:service3 $ npm run -w service3 --if-present lint
│ > service3@0.1.0 lint
│ > ./scripts/
└─ Success (1289ms)

⏱️  Took 2.03s (2 tasks)

List a single workspace's prod dependencies

npx ws-affected --workspace service1 --list-dependencies --dep-types prod

How it works

How it works:

  • ws-affected reads the root package.json file to determine the workspaces directory.
  • It creates a map of workspace dependencies by reading the package.json files of each workspace.
  • It finds the point where the current branch diverged from the base branch (default: master).
  • It runs git diff-tree to identify the files that have changed between the divergence point and the current branch.
  • It determines the workspaces that have changed based on the changed files and adds them to a "affected workspaces" list.
  • It recursively adds all the workspaces that depend on the changed workspaces to the "affected workspaces" list.
  • If the --list flag is used, it prints the affected workspaces.
  • If the --run flag is used, it runs the specified scripts on the affected workspaces, respecting the concurrency limit.


This project is licensed under the MIT License. See the LICENSE file for more information.



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