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    Convert numbers to words - their written form.


    With npm:

    npm install --save written-number

    With bower:

    bower install written-number


    var writtenNumber = require('written-number');
    writtenNumber(1234); // => 'one thousand two hundred and thirty-four'
    writtenNumber.defaults.lang = 'es';
    writtenNumber(4758); // => 'cuatro mil setecientos cincuenta y ocho'
    writtenNumber(1234, {lang: 'fr'});   // => 'mille deux cent trente-quatre'
    writtenNumber(1234, {lang: 'es'});   // => 'mil doscientos treinta y cuatro'
    writtenNumber(1234, {lang: 'az'});   // => 'min iki yüz otuz dörd'
    writtenNumber(1234, {lang: 'pt'});   // => 'mil duzentos e trinta e quatro'
    writtenNumber(1234, {lang: 'ar'});   // => 'ألف ومائتان وأربعة وثلاثون'
    writtenNumber(1234, {lang: 'eo'});   // => 'mil ducent tridek kvar'
    writtenNumber(1234, {lang: 'vi'});   // => 'một ngàn hai trăm và ba mươi bốn'
    writtenNumber(1234, {lang: 'uk'});   // => 'одна тисяча двісті тридцять чотири'
    writtenNumber(1234, {lang: 'id'});   // => 'seribu dua ratus tiga puluh empat'


    • noAnd - Defaults to false. Determines whether to use a separator. The separator is internationalized.
    • lang - Could be string or object. Defaults to 'en'. Determines which language to use. An i18n configuration object may be passed to support external language definitions.

    Currently supported languages are:

    Language lang
    English en
    Portuguese (Brazil) pt
    Portuguese (Portugal) ptPT
    Spanish es
    French fr
    Esperanto eo
    Vietnamese vi
    Arabic ar
    Azerbaijan az
    Turkish tr
    English (Indian) enIndian
    Ukrainian uk
    Indonesian id
    Russian ru


    Configure your own language

    Each language has its own unique grammar exceptions. You can create your own language.json file in the folder "i18n" and give writtenNumber support for it. I don't think the current scheme and logic cover all the cases, but may be cover some.

    The following parameters have been used for the currently available languages:

    Language parameters

    Parameter Type Description Examples
    useLongScale boolean Indicates if it uses long or short scale. This differs the meaning of the words billion, trillion and so on.
    baseSeparator string Separates the base cardinal numbers. 29 -> twenty-eight. Spanish uses the connector " y "
    unitSeparator string Separates the units from the last base cardinal numbers. 1234 -> one thousand two hundred and thirty-four
    allSeparator string Separates all cardinals, not only the last one. 1125 -> ألف ومائة وخمسة وعشرون
    base Object Base cardinals numbers. Numbers that have unique names and are used to build others.
    alternativeBase Object Alternative versions of base cardinals numbers for usage with specific units. These bases will be treated as an extension for the default base. "alternativeBase": { "feminine": {"1":"одна","2":"дві"} }
    units Array A list of number units (string or Object). Gives support to singular, dual an plural units. Check the Object parameters below.
    unitExceptions Object Sometimes grammar exceptions affect the base cardinal joined to the unit. You can set specific exceptions to any base cardinal number. Converting 1232000 in Spanish: Without Exception (Wrong): -> uno millón doscientos treinta y dos mil With Exception: -> un millón doscientos treinta y dos mil

    Units parameters

    A unit can be:

    • A simple string. e.g. "hundred"
    • An Object with multiple parameters:
    Unit parameter Description e.g. of languages
    singular One element. All
    dual Two elements. ar
    plural Two or more elements. (or 3 or more) All
    few Between 2 and 4 including. uk
    useAlternativeBase Overwrites default base. uk
    useBaseInstead Use the base cardinal number instead. es,hu,pt
    useBaseException Specify with which unit (1 to 9) you don't want to use the base, and instead use the regular behavior. es,hu,pt
    avoidPrefixException Units not using the base cardinal number prefix for unit 1. id,tr,it
    avoidInNumberPlural Units not using the plural form with trailing numbers other than 0. fr
    restrictedPlural Plural only for 3 to 10. Singular if >= 11. ar
    useSingularEnding Use singular form for numbers ending with 1. uk
    useFewEnding Use few form for numbers ending with 2, 3 or 4. uk
    avoidEndingRules Plural form used instead of useSingularEnding and useFewEnding uk


    Do your changes and submit a PR. If you've write access and want to bump the version, run mversion [major|minor|patch] -m. That'll bump both bower.json and package.json.


    This code is licensed under the MIT license for Pedro Tacla Yamada. For more information, please refer to the LICENSE file.


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