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Writewell is a fork of Proofreader Build Status npm version

Writewell takes a website, or a local file, and tries to proofread it using write-good and nodehun. Writewell is maintained by Andy Whitlow and Gary Stanyard.


npm install writewell -g


writewell -u
writewell -f ../devtools-docs/docs/
writewell -l list-of-files.txt
writewell -c custom-config.json -f file.html

Output: Console output

  • blue suggestions come from write-good
  • magenta suggestions come from nodehun


Checkit can handle both HTML and Markdown files. It distinguishes between these two using MIME types.

--url (-u)

Downloads and processes single remote file from given URL.

--file (-f)

Processes single local file from given path.

--file-list (-l)

Processes all sources listed in the provided file. Sample list file:


--config-file (-c)

Path to a custom configuration file (default one is in settings.json). This file has to be a valid JSON. Sample configuration:

  "dictionaries": {
    "build-in": ["en_US", "en_GB"],
    "custom": ["devtools-docs.dic"]
  "selectors": {
    "whitelist": "p, li, h1, h2, h3, h4, th, td, dl, figcaption",
    "blacklist": "pre, code"
  "write-good": {
    "weasel": false
  • dictionaries
    • build-in - one or two of build in dictionaries (eng_GB, eng_US). E.g. when both American English and British English are allowed, ["en_US", "en_GB"] should be specified.
    • custom - list of custom dictionaries
  • selectors
    • whitelist - CSS selector that specifies all elements that should be processed. This also applies to Markdown which is compiled to HTML before processing.
    • blacklist - All elements that match this CSS selector will be removed before proofreading.
    • write-good - Additional settings for write-good (more details here).


Please note that this project was:

  • optimized for Chrome DevTools docs
  • optimized for HTML and Markdown
  • optimized for English
  • by default does not process all the tags, only whitelisted ones (e.g. P, LI, H1, H2, H3)