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Express middleware for wrapup.

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var wrapup = require('wrapup-middleware');
// will require('foo.js') 
app.get('/foo.js', wrapup());
// custom require() 
app.get('/main.js', wrapup{
    requires: {
        prime: true,
        async: true,
        _: 'underscore', // set window._ = require('underscore') 
        './main.js': true
// with some wrapup options 
app.get('/js/*.js', wrapup({
    src: __dirname + '/public/js',
    output: __dirname + '/public/out.js',
    compress: true
// instead of one output option (a single file), the dest option can be used 
// for multiple files. 
app.get('/js/*.js', wrapup({
    dest: __dirname + '/public',
    src: __dirname + '/views/js'

When to use

You don't want to use this in production. Instead you should build the files and serve it as static files.

app.configure('development', function(){
    app.get('/main.js', wrapup({
        src: __dirname + '/views/js',
        output: __dirname + '/public/main.js'
app.use(express.static(__dirname + '/public'));

With this example in a dev environment it will automatically create the static file. In production it will skip the middleware and directly serve the static file.