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Function wrappers


Wrappers is a small library exporting basic wrapper functions for functions.

Attach it to the short variable of choice:

var w = require('wrappers');

then get some cheap extra funcitonality out of your functions with standard wrappers:

var safeInit = w.once(init); // invokes wrapped init function at most once 
var tracedFn = w.trace(buggyFn); // logs input and output when called 
var rateLimited = w.throttle(cpuHeavyFn, 200); // triggers at most every 200ms 
var burstTrigger = w.repeat(w.repeat(fire, 5, 50), 3, 1000); // bursts of 5 every second 3 times 

Read the API.

This module used to be included in functional utility library interlude, but is now an extra.

$ npm install wrappers

MIT-Licensed. See LICENSE file for details.