Scaffolding for webpack wep apps.


Scaffolding for webpack wep apps. (Coming soon)


  • Create web apps by scaffolding.
  • Update scaffolded web app if the template updates.
  • Install webpack-template-modules, which add some stuff to the template
  • i. e. jQuery, bootstrap, node.js server, etc.
  • Include development server for just-in-time compiling (just edit the source and update your browser).
  • Includes all webpack features: Just require any resource (css, less, coffee, png).
> npm install webpack-template -g
> webpack-template create
appName: my-test-app
author: Your Name
> cd my-test-app
> webpack-template install jquery
Installing jquery webpack-template-module (wtm)...
Done. You need to republish or restart the dev-server.
> webpack-template update
No need to update template.
Check for wtm updates...
No need to update jquery wtm.
> webpack-template disable cacheManifest
Done. You need to republish or restart the dev-server.
> publish
> index.html

WIP: It does not work yet. Just the template exist. You may copy it to create a web app.