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Caches WordPress in mongo using a JSON API. It can also cache any json, as long as the request returns an json object.

You can use either WordPress Public API or another plugin like this one:

After you receive the object you can do anything you need in your views.

Simple usage

  var wpnode = require('wp-node');
    url   : "",
    db    : db,   //set your mongo database
    qs    : {    //Define you query variables
      address : 11205,
      sensor  : false
  }, function(r) {
    //Here's your cached data (r)

Setting a time to live

    TTL       : 86400,  //(Optional/Default) Cache time is in seconds.  This will cache the data for a day
    logger    : false,  //(Optional/Default) Turn on for debug mode
    db        : db,     //(Optional) Required if you don't plan to pass your mongo db object when calling the cache method
    endpoint  : '' //(Required in order to generate a sitemap)

WordPress Functions (Alpha)

Helping with sitemaps

      pre_link: '/blog/post'
    }, function(err, posts){
    if (err) {