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Webdriver manager and helper for WordPress. Most of the good stuff were shamelessly copied from wp-e2e-tests. Thanks to wp-e2e-tests authors and contributors for providing the foundation!

This package provides WebDriver manager and helper to help you test WordPress site.


  • chromedriver which can be downloaded from here. Make sure chromedriver is available in your $PATH. This package is tested with version 2.25 and it's recommended to use that version. From our experience each version has different behaviours and outcomes. Tests for this package are written using chromedriver.

You can optionally install other drivers such as geckodriver or use remote webdriver via Sauce Labs.


npm install wp-e2e-webdriver


import { By } from 'selenium-webdriver';
import { WebDriverManager, WebDriverHelper as helper } from 'wp-e2e-webdriver'
const manager = new WebDriverManager( 'chrome' );
const driver = manager.getDriver();
driver.get( '' );
    By.css( '#content' )



The reason we pulled out manager and helper from wp-e2e-tests so that following dependents can use that:

  • wp-e2e-page-objects — Repo will be published later. WordPress Page Objects package
  • wc-e2e-page-objects — WooCommerce Page Objects package
  • WordPress plugin or WooCommerce extensions that will have e2e tests that use wp-e2e-page-objects or wc-e2e-page-objects.