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    A simple command line utility for exporting the World of Tanks Blitz API utilizing the wotblitz.js tool set.

    How to Install

    Wotblitz is written in nodejs, you must install it first. Once you have node installed you can run npm install -g wotblitz-cli, this will make the wotblitz command accessible.


    To see an overview, do wotblitz --help.

    Get some clan information, selecting some fields.

    $ wotblitz clans -i 17 -f created_at,name,tag,motto,members_count
    { '17':
       { motto: 'Hear the Thunder, Feel the Lightning',
         tag: 'STORM',
         members_count: 47,
         created_at: 1438733647,
         name: 'Thunderstorm_Division I' } }

    Get some player information, de-selecting some fields, as JSON.

    $ # note the pipe to cat
    $ wotblitz players -i 1009912015 \
    > -f ',-statistics.frags,-statistics.team,-statistics.company' \
    > -f ',-statistics.clan,-private,-nickname' | cat
      "1009912015": {
        "statistics": {
          "max_xp_tank_id": 51713,
          "all": {
            "spotted": 11598,
            "max_frags_tank_id": 11777,
            "hits": 73904,
            "frags": 7150,
            "max_xp": 2095,
            "max_xp_tank_id": 51713,
            "wins": 4634,
            "losses": 3522,
            "capture_points": 9578,
            "battles": 8286,
            "damage_dealt": 6972898,
            "damage_received": 6075113,
            "max_frags": 7,
            "shots": 95879,
            "frags8p": 1149,
            "xp": 4916318,
            "win_and_survived": 2563,
            "survived_battles": 2609,
            "dropped_capture_points": 17162
          "max_xp": 2095
        "created_at": 1405533433,
        "last_battle_time": 1444625817,
        "account_id": 1009912015,
        "updated_at": 1444626269

    Check how many people are on the (NA) wotb server.

    $ wotblitz servers
    [ { players_online: 3195, server: 'NA' } ]

    See what game version the tankopedia is aware of.

    $ wotblitz tankopedia -i -f game_version
    { game_version: '2.1.0' }

    Determine a player's mastery level on a given tank.

    $ wotblitz tank-stats -s 1009912015 -t 1 -f mark_of_mastery
    { '1009912015': [ { mark_of_mastery: 3 } ] }

    Much more is possible, please explore!

    Using an Alternate APPLICATION_ID

    The reason to have your own APPLICATION_ID is so that you can release your appication. If you intend just release the data, then you are within the bounds of the terms Wargaming has setup. If you are unsure, please read the agreement yourself.

    $ APPLICATION_ID=myapplicationid wotblitz servers | myapp.sh

    In the example above the bash script "myapp.sh" receives a JSON string to parse. Anything more complex should use wotblitz.js instead.


    All data is pulled directly from Wargaming's API for World of Tanks. When in-game items are missing (like a new tank line) it is due to the fact that Wargaming does not update their API very often. Missing data is out of the control of this application. Any ticket created on this topic will be closed with a "wont fix" label.


    This project uses the Internet Software Consortium (ISC) license unless otherwise stated at the top of a file.

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