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Worm Scraper

Scrapes the web serial Worm into an eBook format.

How to use

First you'll need a modern version of Node.js. Install whatever is current (not LTS); at least v8.x is necessary.

Then, open a terminal (Mac documentation, Windows documentation) and install the program by typing

npm install -g worm-scraper

This will take a while as it downloads this program and its dependencies from the internet. Once it's done, try to run it, by typing:

worm-scraper --help

If this outputs some help documentation, then the installation process went smoothly. You can move on to assemble the eBook by typing

worm-scraper download convert scaffold zip

This will take a while, but will eventually produce a Worm.epub file!

EPUB vs. other formats

EPUB is one of the primary eBook formats, but it is not recognized by all readers, including most Amazon Kindle devices. You can use an online converter or other tool to convert EPUB to Kindle MOBI, or any other format.

Alternately, if you are a developer, a pull request adding support for MOBI output would be appreciated; please open an issue to discuss how you plan to proceed.


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