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World countries in JSON, CSV, XML and YAML.

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Countries data

This repository contains lists of world countries in JSON, CSV and XML. Each line contains the country:

  • name
    • common - common name in english
    • official - official name in english
    • native - list of all native names
      • key: three-letter ISO 639-3 language code
      • value: name object
        • key: official - official name translation
        • key: common - common name translation
  • country code top-level domain (tld)
  • code ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 (cca2)
  • code ISO 3166-1 numeric (ccn3)
  • code ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 (cca3)
  • code International Olympic Committee (cioc)
  • ISO 3166-1 independence status (independent) (denotes the country is considered a sovereign state)
  • ISO 3166-1 assignment status (status)
  • ISO 4217 currency code(s) (currency)
  • calling code(s) (callingCode)
  • capital city(ies) (capital)
  • alternative spellings (altSpellings)
  • region
  • subregion
  • list of official languages (languages)
    • key: three-letter ISO 639-3 language code
    • value: name of the language in english
  • list of name translations (translations)
    • key: three-letter ISO 639-3 language code
    • value: name object
      • key: official - official name translation
      • key: common - common name translation
  • latitude and longitude (latlng)
  • name of residents (demonym)
  • landlocked status (landlocked)
  • land borders (borders)
  • land area in km² (area)
  • Emoji flag (flag)

Additional data

The data folder contains additional data such as the countries GeoJSON outlines and flags in SVG format.


    "name": {
        "common": "Austria",
        "official": "Republic of Austria",
        "native": {
            "bar": {
                "official": "Republik Österreich",
                "common": "Österreich"
    "tld": [".at"],
    "cca2": "AT",
    "ccn3": "040",
    "cca3": "AUT",
    "cioc": "AUT",
    "independent": true,
    "status": "officially-assigned",
    "currency": ["EUR"],
    "callingCode": ["43"],
    "capital": ["Vienna"],
    "altSpellings": ["AT", "Osterreich", "Oesterreich"],
    "region": "Europe",
    "subregion": "Western Europe",
    "languages": {
        "bar": "Austro-Bavarian German"
    "translations": {
        "cym": {"official": "Republic of Austria", "common": "Awstria"},
        "deu": {"official": "Republik Österreich", "common": "Österreich"},
        "fra": {"official": "République d'Autriche", "common": "Autriche"},
        "hrv": {"official": "Republika Austrija", "common": "Austrija"},
        "ita": {"official": "Repubblica d'Austria", "common": "Austria"},
        "jpn": {"official": "オーストリア共和国", "common": "オーストリア"},
        "nld": {"official": "Republiek Oostenrijk", "common": "Oostenrijk"},
        "por": {"official": "República da Áustria", "common": "Áustria"},
        "rus": {"official": "Австрийская Республика", "common": "Австрия"},
        "spa": {"official": "República de Austria", "common": "Austria"}
    "latlng": [47.33333333, 13.33333333],
    "demonym": "Austrian",
    "landlocked": true,
    "borders": ["CZE", "DEU", "HUN", "ITA", "LIE", "SVK", "SVN", "CHE"],
    "area": 83871,
    "flag": "\ud83c\udde6\ud83c\uddf9"
GeoJSON and TopoJSON outlines

See an example for Germany: GeoJSON or TopoJSON.

"Afghanistan,Islamic Republic of Afghanistan,جمهوری اسلامی افغانستان,افغانستان,د افغانستان اسلامي جمهوریت,افغانستان,Owganystan Yslam Respublikasy,Owganystan";".af";"AF";"004";"AFG";"AFG";"AFN";"93";"Kabul";"AF,Afġānistān";"Asia";"Southern Asia";"Dari,Pashto,Turkmen";"Islamic Republic of Afghanistan,Affganistan,Islamischen Republik Afghanistan,Afghanistan,République islamique d'Afghanistan,Afghanistan,Islamska Republika Afganistan,Afganistan,Repubblica islamica dell'Afghanistan,Afghanistan,アフガニスタン·イスラム共和国,アフガニスタン,Islamitische Republiek Afghanistan,Afghanistan,República Islâmica do Afeganistão,Afeganistão,Исламская Республика Афганистан,Афганистан,República Islámica de Afganistán,Afganistán";"33,65";"Afghan";"1";"IRN,PAK,TKM,UZB,TJK,CHN";"652230"
"Angola,Republic of Angola,República de Angola,Angola";".ao";"AO";"024";"AGO";"ANG";"AOA";"244";"Luanda";"AO,República de Angola,ʁɛpublika de an'ɡɔla";"Africa";"Middle Africa";"Portuguese";"Republic of Angola,Angola,Republik Angola,Angola,République d'Angola,Angola,Republika Angola,Angola,Repubblica dell'Angola,Angola,アンゴラ共和国,アンゴラ,Republiek Angola,Angola,República de Angola,Angola,Республика Ангола,Ангола,República de Angola,Angola";"-12.5,18.5";"Angolan";"";"COG,COD,ZMB,NAM";"1246700"
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <country name="Aruba,Aruba,Aruba,Aruba,Aruba,Aruba" tld=".aw" cca2="AW" ccn3="533" cca3="ABW" cioc="ARU" currency="AWG" callingCode="297" capital="Oranjestad" altSpellings="AW" region="Americas" subregion="Caribbean" languages="Dutch,Papiamento" translations="Aruba,Aruba,Aruba,Aruba,Aruba,Aruba,Aruba,Aruba,アルバ,アルバ,Aruba,Aruba,Aruba,Aruba,Аруба,Аруба,Aruba,Aruba" latlng="12.5,-69.96666666" demonym="Aruban" landlocked="" borders="" area="180"/>
  <country name="Afghanistan,Islamic Republic of Afghanistan,جمهوری اسلامی افغانستان,افغانستان,د افغانستان اسلامي جمهوریت,افغانستان,Owganystan Yslam Respublikasy,Owganystan" tld=".af" cca2="AF" ccn3="004" cca3="AFG" cioc="AFG" currency="AFN" callingCode="93" capital="Kabul" altSpellings="AF,Afġānistān" region="Asia" subregion="Southern Asia" languages="Dari,Pashto,Turkmen" translations="Islamic Republic of Afghanistan,Affganistan,Islamischen Republik Afghanistan,Afghanistan,République islamique d'Afghanistan,Afghanistan,Islamska Republika Afganistan,Afganistan,Repubblica islamica dell'Afghanistan,Afghanistan,アフガニスタン·イスラム共和国,アフガニスタン,Islamitische Republiek Afghanistan,Afghanistan,República Islâmica do Afeganistão,Afeganistão,Исламская Республика Афганистан,Афганистан,República Islámica de Afganistán,Afganistán" latlng="33,65" demonym="Afghan" landlocked="1" borders="IRN,PAK,TKM,UZB,TJK,CHN" area="652230"/>
  <country name="Angola,Republic of Angola,República de Angola,Angola" tld=".ao" cca2="AO" ccn3="024" cca3="AGO" cioc="ANG" currency="AOA" callingCode="244" capital="Luanda" altSpellings="AO,República de Angola,ʁɛpublika de an'ɡɔla" region="Africa" subregion="Middle Africa" languages="Portuguese" translations="Republic of Angola,Angola,Republik Angola,Angola,République d'Angola,Angola,Republika Angola,Angola,Repubblica dell'Angola,Angola,アンゴラ共和国,アンゴラ,Republiek Angola,Angola,República de Angola,Angola,Республика Ангола,Ангола,República de Angola,Angola" latlng="-12.5,18.5" demonym="Angolan" landlocked="" borders="COG,COD,ZMB,NAM" area="1246700"/>  
{ name: { common: Aruba, official: Aruba, native: { nld: { official: Aruba, common: Aruba }, pap: { official: Aruba, common: Aruba } } }, tld: [.aw], cca2: AW, ccn3: '533', cca3: ABW, cioc: ARU, currency: [AWG], callingCode: ['297'], capital: Oranjestad, altSpellings: [AW], region: Americas, subregion: Caribbean, languages: { nld: Dutch, pap: Papiamento }, translations: { deu: { official: Aruba, common: Aruba }, fra: { official: Aruba, common: Aruba }, hrv: { official: Aruba, common: Aruba }, ita: { official: Aruba, common: Aruba }, jpn: { official: アルバ, common: アルバ }, nld: { official: Aruba, common: Aruba }, por: { official: Aruba, common: Aruba }, rus: { official: Аруба, common: Аруба }, spa: { official: Aruba, common: Aruba } }, latlng: [12.5, -69.96666666], demonym: Aruban, landlocked: false, borders: {  }, area: 180 }
{ name: { common: Afghanistan, official: 'Islamic Republic of Afghanistan', native: { prs: { official: 'جمهوری اسلامی افغانستان', common: افغانستان }, pus: { official: 'د افغانستان اسلامي جمهوریت', common: افغانستان }, tuk: { official: 'Owganystan Yslam Respublikasy', common: Owganystan } } }, tld: [.af], cca2: AF, ccn3: '004', cca3: AFG, cioc: AFG, currency: [AFN], callingCode: ['93'], capital: Kabul, altSpellings: [AF, Afġānistān], region: Asia, subregion: 'Southern Asia', languages: { prs: Dari, pus: Pashto, tuk: Turkmen }, translations: { cym: { official: 'Islamic Republic of Afghanistan', common: Affganistan }, deu: { official: 'Islamischen Republik Afghanistan', common: Afghanistan }, fra: { official: 'République islamique d''Afghanistan', common: Afghanistan }, hrv: { official: 'Islamska Republika Afganistan', common: Afganistan }, ita: { official: 'Repubblica islamica dell''Afghanistan', common: Afghanistan }, jpn: { official: アフガニスタン·イスラム共和国, common: アフガニスタン }, nld: { official: 'Islamitische Republiek Afghanistan', common: Afghanistan }, por: { official: 'República Islâmica do Afeganistão', common: Afeganistão }, rus: { official: 'Исламская Республика Афганистан', common: Афганистан }, spa: { official: 'República Islámica de Afganistán', common: Afganistán } }, latlng: [33, 65], demonym: Afghan, landlocked: true, borders: [IRN, PAK, TKM, UZB, TJK, CHN], area: 652230 }
{ name: { common: Angola, official: 'Republic of Angola', native: { por: { official: 'República de Angola', common: Angola } } }, tld: [.ao], cca2: AO, ccn3: '024', cca3: AGO, cioc: ANG, currency: [AOA], callingCode: ['244'], capital: Luanda, altSpellings: [AO, 'República de Angola', 'ʁɛpublika de an''ɡɔla'], region: Africa, subregion: 'Middle Africa', languages: { por: Portuguese }, translations: { cym: { official: 'Republic of Angola', common: Angola }, deu: { official: 'Republik Angola', common: Angola }, fra: { official: 'République d''Angola', common: Angola }, hrv: { official: 'Republika Angola', common: Angola }, ita: { official: 'Repubblica dell''Angola', common: Angola }, jpn: { official: アンゴラ共和国, common: アンゴラ }, nld: { official: 'Republiek Angola', common: Angola }, por: { official: 'República de Angola', common: Angola }, rus: { official: 'Республика Ангола', common: Ангола }, spa: { official: 'República de Angola', common: Angola } }, latlng: [-12.5, 18.5], demonym: Angolan, landlocked: false, borders: [COG, COD, ZMB, NAM], area: 1246700 }

Customising the output

The data files provided in the dist directory include all available fields, but is also possible to build a custom version of the data with certain fields excluded.

To do this, you will first need a working PHP installation, composer and a local copy of this repository. Once you have these, open a terminal in your local version of this project's root directory and run this command to install the necessary dependencies:

composer install

After this finishes, run the following command (here we will exclude the tld field from the output, but you can exclude any field you want):

php countries.php convert --exclude-field=tld

You can also exclude multiple fields:

php countries.php convert --exclude-field=tld --exclude-field=cca2
# Or using the shorter `-x` syntax: 
php countries.php convert -x tld -x cca2

If you prefer to include only some fields (this can not be combined with --exclude-field):

php countries.php convert --include-field=name --include-field=area
# or using the shorter `-i` syntax: 
php countries.php convert -i=name -i=area

The generated files are put into the dist directory, but you can change this to another existing directory:

mkdir foobar
php countries.php convert --output-dir=foobar

You can also choose to only generate some of the output formats:

mkdir foobar
php countries.php convert --format=json_unescaped --format=csv
# or using the shorter `-f` syntax: 
php countries.php convert -f json_unescaped -f csv


Projects using this dataset:

How to contribute?

Please refer to CONTRIBUTING.

To do

  • add the type of the country (country, sovereign state, public body, territory, etc.)
  • add missing translations
  • pull in data automatically from CLDR at build time (idea from @Munter, see #108)

Sources for currency codes.

Region and subregion are taken from

GeoJSON outlines come from

The rest comes from Wikipedia.


Thanks to:

  • @Glazz for his help with country calling codes
  • @hexorx for his work (
  • @frederik-jacques for the capital cities
  • @fayer for the population, geolocation, demonym and area data
  • @ancosen for his help with the borders data
  • @herrjemand for country names and various fixes
  • all the contributors:




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