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    The next generation web framework for Cloudflare Workers


    • Super lightweight
    • First-class TypeScript support
    • Custom Middleware Support
    • Well-organized submodules for à la carte functionality*
    • Includes Router with support for pattern definitions
    • Familiar Request-Response handler API
    • Supports async/await handlers
    • Fully treeshakable

    *More to come!


    $ npm install --save worktop


    Check out /examples for a list of working demos!

    import { Router } from 'worktop';
    import * as Cache from 'worktop/cache';
    import { uid as toUID } from 'worktop/utils';
    import { read, write } from 'worktop/kv';
    import type { KV } from 'worktop/kv';
    declare var DATA: KV.Namespace;
    interface Message {
      id: string;
      text: string;
      // ...
    // Initialize
    const API = new Router();
    API.add('GET', '/messages/:id', async (req, res) => {
      // Pre-parsed `req.params` object
      const key = `messages::${req.params.id}`;
      // Assumes JSON (can override)
      const message = await read<Message>(DATA, key);
      // Alter response headers directly
      res.setHeader('Cache-Control', 'public, max-age=60');
      // Smart `res.send()` helper
      // ~> automatically stringifies JSON objects
      // ~> auto-sets `Content-Type` & `Content-Length` headers
      res.send(200, message);
    API.add('POST', '/messages', async (req, res) => {
      try {
        // Smart `req.body` helper
        // ~> parses JSON header as JSON
        // ~> parses form-like header as FormData, ...etc
        var input = await req.body<Message>();
      } catch (err) {
        return res.send(400, 'Error parsing request body');
      if (!input || !input.text.trim()) {
        return res.send(422, { text: 'required' });
      const value: Message = {
        id: toUID(16),
        text: input.text.trim(),
        // ...
      // Assumes JSON (can override)
      const key = `messages::${value.id}`;
      const success = await write<Message>(DATA, key, value);
      //    ^ boolean
      // Alias for `event.waitUntil`
      // ~> queues background task (does NOT delay response)
        fetch('https://.../logs', {
          method: 'POST',
          headers: { 'content-type': 'application/json '},
          body: JSON.stringify({ success, value })
      if (success) res.send(201, value);
      else res.send(500, 'Error creating record');
    API.add('GET', '/alive', (req, res) => {
      res.end('OK'); // Node.js-like `res.end`
    // Attach "fetch" event handler
    // ~> use `Cache` for request-matching, when permitted
    // ~> store Response in `Cache`, when permitted


    Module: worktop

    View worktop API documentation

    The main module – concerned with routing.
    This is core of most applications. Exports the Router class.

    Module: worktop/kv

    View worktop/kv API documentation

    The worktop/kv submodule contains all classes and utilities related to Workers KV.

    Module: worktop/cache

    View worktop/cache API documentation

    The worktop/cache submodule contains all utilities related to Cloudflare's Cache.

    Module: worktop/request

    View worktop/request API documentation

    The worktop/request submodule contains the ServerRequest class, which provides an interface similar to the request instance(s) found in most other Node.js frameworks.

    Note: This module is used internally and will (very likely) never be imported by your application.

    Module: worktop/response

    View worktop/response API documentation

    The worktop/response submodule contains the ServerResponse class, which provides an interface similar to the IncomingMessage (aka, "response") object that Node.js provides.

    Note: This module is used internally and will (very likely) never be imported by your application.

    Module: worktop/base64

    View worktop/base64 API documentation

    The worktop/base64 submodule contains a few utilities related to the Base 64 encoding.

    Module: worktop/cookie

    View worktop/cookie API documentation

    The worktop/cookie submodule contains parse and stringify utilities for dealing with cookie header(s).

    Module: worktop/cors

    View worktop/cors API documentation

    The worktop/cors submodule offers utilities for dealing with Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) headers.

    Module: worktop/crypto

    View worktop/crypto API documentation

    The worktop/crypto submodule is a collection of cryptographic functionalities.

    Module: worktop/utils

    View worktop/utils API documentation

    The worktop/utils submodule is a collection of standalone, general-purpose utilities that you may find useful. These may include – but are not limited to – hashing functions and unique identifier generators.

    Module: worktop/ws

    View worktop/ws API documentation

    The worktop/ws submodule contains the WebSocket and WebSocketPair class definitions, as well as two middleware handlers for validating and/or setting up a SocketHandler for the WebSocket connection.


    MIT © Luke Edwards


    npm i worktop

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