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WorkJS Quick Start

WorkJS is a Web Application Framework with WebSocket support based on node.js It uses html5 features and does not care to support old web clients.


  • The Map: write a site map to define how urls and http methods are served.
  • Nonstop: a bug in the application code must not crash the server.
  • SQL: use PostgreSQL, a technically mature database backend.
  • Logging: detailed logging - messages, access, debugging with time stamps.
  • Reload: automatically (watch your files) or manually reload on changes without server restart.
  • WebSockets: a WorkJS application can be constructed from multiple WebSocket based singel page applications.

Basic Conditions

  • WorkJS does not care about old browsers.
  • WorkJS does not care about backwards compatibility.
  • WorkJS requires the newest components - e.g. PostgreSQL 9.5
  • WorkJS is built for Linux.

Quick Start


You need a working node.js installation and npm to install WorkJS.

You also need a PostgreSQL database server (9.5) with a new database. We use PostgreSQL 9.5 as it now provides features like "INSERT ON CONFLICT DO UPDATE" and "CREATE INDEX IF NOT EXISTS". PostgreSQL installation: How to install PostgreSQL 9.5 on Ubuntu/Debian/Linux Mint:

For a quick start install the WorkJS package and start the "workshow" demo application. Edit CONF to match your PostgreSQL server and database name. Start the application.

[sudo] npm cache clean
[sudo] npm install -g workjs
workjs -c workshop
cd workshop
npm install
npm start

Direct your browser to port 3000.