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A module for monitoring the memory usage of Node worker processes, and killing them when they reach a specified limit. This module is designed to be used in conjunction with clusterflock.


Simply require and call worker-monitor for it to begin monitoring worker processes:

if (require('cluster').isWorker) {


The worker-monitor function accepts a few options:

  • disconnectTimeout (Default: 5000) The time after which a disconnecting worker will be immediately killed if it has failed to disconnect.
  • logPeriod (Default: 10000) The frequency with with a worker's memory usage will be logged.
  • monitorPeriod (Default: 5000) The frequency with with a worker's memory is monitored. This is when the worker will be killed if it exceeds memoryLimit.
  • memoryLimit (Default: 220000000) The limit (in bytes) that a worker's RSS may be.

For example:

  disconnectTimeout: 10000,
  logPeriod        : 5000