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Dump data from WordPress.

Node.js - worddump

Dump data from a WordPress blog.

I don't like WordPress anymore. I want to write all of my blog posts in Markdown and control the look, feel, and templating of the results. However, my coding blog Procbits is still a WordPress blog. I need to migrate it.

npm install worddump

Example to quick dump your Wordpress blog:

var Worddump = require('worddump')
  , batch = require('batchflow')
  , fs = require('fs-extra')
var wd = new Worddump({url: '', user: 'USER_NAME', password: 'PASSWORD'});
wd.getPostIds(function(err, postIds) {
  batch(postIds).parallel(8).each(function(i, id, next) {
    wd.getPost(id, function(err, post) {
      wd.getComments(id, function(err, comments) {
        fs.writeFile(post.post_name + '.txt', post.post_content, function(err) {
          fs.writeJSONFile(post.post_name + '-comments.json', comments, function(err) {
  .error(function(err) {
  .end(function() {

(MIT License)

Copyright 2012, JP Richardson