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WoowahanJS is a framework for developing larger web applications.

Modern web applications are HTTP-based client applications that manage complex views and states with a large number of components. In order to develop web applications over a certain size, various designers, publishers, and programmers need to collaborate. WoowahanJS provides an easy environment for collaboration between publishers and programmers.

It supports hierarchical view component management and one-way data binding for fast and productive UI operations and is designed as an architecture to minimize the dependency between UI and business code.

Affected ones

WoowahanJS was built on the famous BackboneJS base. BackboneJS includes UnderscoreJS and jQuery dependencies, so WoowahanJS can naturally use UnderscoreJS and jQuery at any time.

We implemented the idea of the Flux and Redux architecture of the React project for state flow and management triggered by API calls. However, you do not have to learn these to use WoowahanJS.

Get started fast

Clone the repository and look at the samples in the Example directory. WoowahanJS is the fastest way to get started.


$ mkdir hello-woowa && cd hello-woowa
$ npm init
$ npm install --save woowahan

Hello, WoowahanJS

import Woowahan from 'woowahan';
const Main = Woowahan.View.create('Main', {
  template: '<h1>Hello, WoowahanJs</h1>'
const app = Woowahan();
  url: '/', container: 'body', view: Main

The following links provide more information.