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Wonka.js is a javascript client-side framework MVC like, built to enhance the frontend development, prioring team work and clean code.

Install and configure


To run wonka.js you must have installed node.js.

Install node

Also you'll need to install git.


Install wonka.js as global node module, on your shell type the command:

$ sudo npm install -g wonkajs

At the end, verify that wonka has been installed successfuly:

$ wonkajs --version

This command must return the version number 1.6.0.

Getting started

Create a project

First step is create a new project:

$ wonkajs project demo

This will create a project template that you can use as base for many kinds of web applications.

Run server

To run wonka.js server and verify that is working, just must run inside the project folder:

$ wonkajs server

With this command we launch a server on port 9300 by default, but you can change it:

$ wonkajs server 9700

Visit your project on:


or in their case on:


First application

To create an app, is necessary be on the project folder and run the app command:

$ wonkajs app books

When this command run, a router links the Main view on application with a url.

The nomenclature is similar to:

/#books -> books.views.Main

When the app is more complex than one level you can create it typing:

$ wonkajs app books science

And the router will build:

/#books/science ->

So finally you can visit your new application on:


Or in their case:



To deploy your project, we recommend compress the project and upload to a server ready to display static content.

To deploy your project, just need to run:

$ wonkajs deploy

With this command, will be created a deploy folder, that will has the files:

  • index.html
  • main.css
  • main.js
  • package.json
  • manifest.webapp
  • icons

Upload this folder to any server path, and points your web server to this path and your application will works.


To create backup of your project, run :

$ wonkajs backup [directory]

This will create backup of your project in given directory. If directory is not specified, it will create backup in root directory.

For more information read the docs.