Express interface package/bundle for WNS Middleware

WNS's Express Package (Alpha)

A powerful package for WNS Middleware supported by WNS Team that provides an interface to use Express.

  • Express Server
  • Express Controller
  • Node.JS + NPM
  • WNS Middleware v0.0.8+

Enter your server/application's directory...

$ wnspm install express

Inside your server or application directory just type:

$ npm install wns-express-package express

Edit your server/app's config.json and insert inside the component section, this code:

  // Example of express configuration 
  "express": {
    "class": "wnExpress", // OR wnHttps for HTTPS 
    "port": 3000,
    "use": {
        //"express.cookieParser": [], 
        //"express.bodyParser": [], 
        //"express.methodOverride": [],