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    Walmart Marketplace API SDK (Canada Marketplace)

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    Canada Marketplace

    This version of the Warlmart Marketplace API SDK is intended for use with the Walmart Canada Marketplace which still uses the legacy authentication method. For the U.S. Marketplace, see


    • Orders
      • All Release Orders: Retrieves all the orders with line items that are in the "created" status, that is, these orders have been released from the Walmart Order Management System to the seller for processing. The released orders are the orders that are ready for a seller to fulfill.
      • Acknowledge Orders: You can use this API to acknowledge an entire order, including all of its order lines. Walmart requires a seller to acknowledge orders within four hours of receipt of the order, except in extenuating circumstances.
      • Shipping Updates: Updates the status of order lines to "Shipped" and triggers the charge to the customer.
    • Requests
      • Timeout: All requests are set with a 2-minute timeout to avoid overuse of resources when the API is slow to respond.


    • Orders
      • We are working on completing the Orders methods.


    You only need to set your API credentials once in the process. They don't need to be set for each call within the same process.

    import { WMT } from 'wmt-marketplace-sdk-canada';
    WMT.Request.Credentials = new WMT.Config.Credentials(
      '38b7eb6c-3672-4022-93a2-f47794f36338', // CHANNEL.TYPE
      'f091ae58-774c-45ff-9d8a-e30a83344e42', // Consumer ID
      'MIIBVgIBADANBgkqhkiG9w0BAQEFAASCAUAwggE8AgEAAkEAq7BFUpkGp3...' // Private Key

    Get All Released Orders

      CreatedStartDate: new Date('01 April 2018 00:00 UTC'), // required
      CreatedEndDate: new Date('02 April 2018 00:00 UTC'), // optional, defaults to current time
      Limit: 10 // optional, defaults to 200 (max)
    }).then((response: string) => {
      let purchaseOrders: WMT.Orders.PurchaseOrder.PurchaseOrderResponse = JSON.parse(response);
      // do something with the orders

    Acknowledge Orders

      PurchaseOrderId: 2380639477120
    }).then((response: string) => {
      let orderResponse: WMT.Orders.PurchaseOrder.SingleOrderResponse = JSON.parse(response);
      // The response to a successful call contains the acknowledged order. Although the
      // API documentation claims the order will bear an "Acknowledged" status, we have
      // not found this to be true in production. It's simply a copy of the order that
      // was acknowledged, still bearing a "Created" status.

    Shipping Updates

    var shipment = new WMT.Orders.Shipment.OrderShipmentRequest(
      // See sample in /test/lib/orders.spec.ts ('Shipment Update').
      PurchaseOrderId: 2380639477120,
      PurchaseOrderShipment: shipment
    }).then((response: string) => {
      let orderResponse: WMT.Orders.PurchaseOrder.SingleOrderResponse = JSON.parse(response)
      // The response to a successful call contains the purchase order.


    npm install --save wmt-marketplace-sdk-canada


    • npm run build : rimraf ./lib/ && tsc -p .
    • npm run readme : rm ./ && node ./node_modules/.bin/node-readme
    • npm run package : npm run build && npm run readme
    • npm run test : mocha --require ts-node/register $(find ./test/ -name "*.spec.ts")


    Package Version Dev
    wmt-marketplace-auth 1.1.0
    request 2.85.0
    request-promise 4.2.2
    ts-node 5.0.1
    typescript 2.8.1
    tslint 5.9.1
    mocha 5.1.0
    nock 9.2.5
    chai 4.1.2
    node-readme 0.1.9
    nyc 11.6.0
    rimraf 2.6.2
    @types/mocha 5.0.0
    @types/nock 9.1.3
    @types/chai 4.1.2
    @types/node 9.6.5
    @types/request-promise 4.1.41
    @types/bluebird 3.5.20


    We are always excited when we can make our projects open source and allow contributors to build and work on these components. To make this possible, there are a few things we kindly ask all contributors to understand and follow. Please review the Contributing Guide.


    Kane McConnell



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