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Wizhooks is a simple way to use the container-presenter pattern by composing hooks and higher-order components. The library is inspired by recompose.

yarn add wizhooks

What you can do with withHooks :

import React, { useState, useEffect } from "react";
import { withHooks } from "wizhooks";
const useMyHook = () => {
  const [message, setMessage] = useState("How are u ?");
  return { message, setMessage };
const Container = withHooks(
    hook: useState,
    params: ["hello"],
    props: ([salutation, setSalutation]) => ({ salutation, setSalutation })
    hook: useState,
    params: ["wizard"],
    props: ([subject, setSubject]) => ({ subject, setSubject })
    hook: useEffect,
    params: ({ salutation, subject }) => [
      () => alert(`${salutation} ${subject}`)
    hook: useMyHook
const Presenter = ({ salutation, subject, message }) => (
    {salutation} {subject}, {message}
export default Container(Presenter);

You can also use withHooks with HOC by using compose :

import React, { useState, useEffect } from "react";
import { withHooks, compose } from "wizhooks";
const withLoading = Component => props => {
  if (props.loading) {
    return <>Loading ...</>;
  return <Component {...props} />;
const useLoading = isLoading => {
  const [loading, setLoading] = useState(isLoading);
  useEffect(() => {
    setTimeout(() => setLoading(false), 1000);
  return { loading };
const container = compose(
  withHooks({ hook: useLoading, params: [true] }),
const Presenter = () => <>Hey Wizard !</>;
export default container(Presenter);


withHooks :

Allows you to create an hoc from the composition of hooks.

withHooks(...hooks: HookConfig[]): HigherOrderComponent
    hook: HookFunction,
    params?: Parameters<HookFunction>
            | (innerProps: Object) => Parameters<HookFunction>,
    props?: string
            | (result:  ReturnType<HookFunction>, innerProps: Object) => Object
            | string[],
}): HigherOrderComponent

hook: This parameter takes the hook function.

params: This parameter is optional, it represents the parameters that will be sent to the hook. It can either be an array containing the parameters or a function taking props as a parameter and returning an array containing the parameters.

props: This parameter is optional, it represents the props that will be sent to the component. It can be either a string, in this case the return of the hook will be injected into a prop which will have the name of this string, an array of strings, used as decomposition in the case where the return of the hook is an array, a function which takes as a parameter the return of the hook and the inner props and which returns an object which will be injected as props to the child.

withProps :

Allows you to create an higher-order component which will inject props to his child.

  createProps: Object | (innerProps: Object) => Object
): HigherOrderComponent

Takes a parameter which is either an object containing the props to inject, or a function which returns an object containing the props to inject.

compose :

Allows you to compose multiple higher-order components into a single one.

compose(...hocs: HigherOrderComponent[]): HigherOrderComponent;


npm i wizhooks

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