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Customizable Gruntfile built to work with wix-angular projects


No installtion needed in case you scaffold using yo wix-angular

Otherwise - npm install --save-dev wix-gruntfile

Create your own Gruntfile.js which uses wix-gruntfile:

'use strict';
module.exports = function (grunt) {
  require('wix-gruntfile')(grunt, {
    staging: 'pizza',
    port: 9000,
    preloadModule: 'newsFeedCommon',
    translationsModule: 'wixNewsFeedTranslations',
    unitTestFiles: [
  // optionally add custom configurations using: 
  // grunt.loadNpmTasks(), grunt.config(), grunt.registerTask() 
  // optionally hook into existing tasks using: 
  // grunt.renameTask('existing', 'hooked'); 
  // grunt.registerTask('exisitng', ['new', 'hooked']); 

Run project

grunt serve will watch your files and automatically compile, lint, unit test and display in browser

While grunt serve is running, debug unit tests at http://localhost:8880/ and debug end to end test at http://localhost:9000/runner.html

When working on coverage improvements run grunt serve:coverage (unit tests are difficult to debug in this mode)

Build the project locally (rarely needed):

grunt build will run the complete build process including e2e tests (only on chrome)

grunt serve:dist will serve the dist folder so you can see the app after build (good for debugging minification issues)

Build the project in CI:

grunt build:ci jshint warning will cause failure, karma teamcity reporter will be enabled

grunt test:ci run e2e tests on sauce labs (make sure you have a sauce labs tunnel running in the background)


Here is a list of available options:

  protocol: 'http', //the protocol used for working locally (http/https) 
  staging: 'pizza', //the staging environment used locally ( 
                    //don't forget to add it to your hosts file 
  port: 9000, //port used for local server 
  livereload: 35729, //port used for livereload server (important for when running multiple grunts) 
  translationsModule: 'wixAppTranslations', //module name used for translations 
                                            //don't forget to add module dependency for this 
  unitTestFiles: [],  //files you want to add to unit tests loader (in addition to your sources) 
  karmaTestFiles: null, //roll your own unit test file list (wix-gruntfile will not add anything) 
  page: '', //name of page to open: http://local.{staging}{port}/{page} 
  protractor: true, //whether to use protractor or fallback to angular scenario 
  proxies: {} //add more proxies to your connect server: `{'/_test/': '', ...}`