Witness (n) 3. One who hears; a listener.


Witness v. 3. to bear witness to; testify to; give or afford evidence of.

The witness is an intelligent file content cache that keeps track ( optionally on a per-caller basis) of the state of a file.

Witness may be installed using Node and npm.

npm install witness

Witness can be used on a individual persistent basis or as a listener.

// For this example assume we have three files layed out as follows: 
//  - src/one.coffee 
//  - src/two.coffee 
//  - src/three.coffee 
// Require the witness and initialize it. 
Witness = require('witness');
audtior = new Witness(/* The persistent cache file can be passed in here;
                         defaults to './.witness-cache' */);
// Checking the state of some files. 
witness.state('src/one.coffee');   // == 'added' 
witness.state('src/two.coffee');   // == 'added' 
witness.state('src/three.coffee'); // == 'added' 
witness.state('src/one.coffee');   // == 'ready' 
// Now assume we have modified the content of one of 'src/one.coffee'. 
witness.state('src/one.coffee');   // == 'changed' 
witness.state('src/one.coffee');   // == 'ready' 
// To allow a single process to maintain its event queue independent of another 
// in a persistent way, one may specify a context as the second argument 
// to `witness::state`. 
witness.state('src/one.coffee', 'apple');   // == 'added' 
witness.state('src/one.coffee', 'apple');   // == 'ready' 
witness.state('src/one.coffee', 'orange');  // == 'added' 
witness.state('src/one.coffee', 'orange');  // == 'ready' 
// Now if we assume we modified the content again. Notice how 'apple' and 
// 'orange' only get notified about the changed event once. 
witness.state('src/one.coffee', 'apple');   // == 'changed' 
witness.state('src/one.coffee', 'orange');  // == 'changed' 
witness.state('src/one.coffee', 'apple');   // == 'ready' 
witness.state('src/one.coffee', 'orange');  // == 'ready' 
// This is to be used at the end of process; this writes the in-memory 
// cache to a persistent file. 

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