Publish simpler then ever.


Publish is simpler then ever.

One command do next things:

  • run command from scripts.wisdom of package.json (if exist);
  • changelog;
  • version in package.json and bower.json (if exist);
  • tag;
  • release on github;
  • push to github;
  • publish to npm;

Here is list of commands that should be executed to get same result:

changelog {{ version }}
version {{ version }}
git add package.json
git add ChangeLog
git commit -m "feature(package) v{{ version }}"
git push origin master
git tag v{{ version }}
git push origin v{{ version }}
grizzly -tn "token from url" \
-r grizzly -o {{ owner }} -t {{ version }} \
-n "{{ repo }} {{ version }}" -b "changelog"
npm publish

npm i wisdom -g

$ wisdom
Usage: wisdom [version|major|minor|patch]
-h, --help     : display this help and exit,
-v, --version  : output version information and exit,

When you need some tasks was done before publish you could specify in scripts section of package.json command:

    "scripts": {
        "wisdom": "echo 'do something before publish'"