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    This is Wiremock Standalone wrapped inside an NPM package. It relies only on dependencies found in NPM. It is created with JDeploy and will use the existing JRE if found, or download one with node-jre.

    See: http://wiremock.org/docs/running-standalone/

    Example - Command line

    It can be used as a command line tool like this:

    npx wiremock

    Example - Mock API in frontend app

    This example is in the repo in example-mock-api-with-express.

    It starts a server with ExpressJS and delegates to a frontend and an API. When running npm run serve it will start this setup:

      |---[/api/*]-> http://localhost:8081/
        \-[*]------> http://localhost:8082/

    So that:

    • http://localhost:8080/api/example Will serve the API with wiremock.
    • http://localhost:8080/whatever Will serve the frontend. This can be a Vue app or whatever.

    Command line arguments

    Available command line arguments npx wiremock --help:

    Option                                  Description                             
    ------                                  -----------                             
    --admin-api-basic-auth <String>         Require HTTP Basic authentication for   
                                              admin API calls with the supplied     
                                              credentials in username:password      
    --admin-api-require-https               Require HTTPS to be used to access the  
                                              admin API                             
    --async-response-enabled <String>       Enable asynchronous response (default:  
    --async-response-threads <String>       Number of asynchronous response threads 
                                              (default: 10)                         
    --bind-address <String>                 The IP to listen connections            
    --ca-keystore <String>                  Path to an alternative keystore         
                                              containing a Certificate Authority    
                                              private key & certificate for         
                                              generating certificates when proxying 
                                              HTTPS. Password is assumed to be      
                                              "password" if not specified.          
                                              (default: /home/bjerre/.wiremock/ca-  
    --ca-keystore-password <String>         Password for the alternative CA         
                                              keystore. (default: password)         
    --ca-keystore-type <String>             Type of the alternative CA keystore     
                                              (jks or pkcs12). (default: jks)       
    --container-threads <String>            The number of container threads         
    --disable-banner                        Disable print banner logo               
    --disable-gzip                          Disable gzipping of request and         
                                              response bodies                       
    --disable-http                          Disable the default HTTP listener.      
    --disable-request-logging               Disable logging of stub requests and    
                                              responses to the notifier. Useful     
                                              when performance testing.             
    --enable-browser-proxying               Allow wiremock to be set as a browser's 
                                              proxy server                          
    --enable-stub-cors                      Enable automatic sending of CORS        
                                              headers with stub responses.          
    --extensions <String>                   Matching and/or response transformer    
                                              extension class names, comma          
    --global-response-templating            Preprocess all responses with           
                                              Handlebars templates                  
    --help                                  Print this message                      
    --https-keystore <String>               Path to an alternative keystore for     
                                              HTTPS. Password is assumed to be      
                                              "password" if not specified.          
                                              (default: jar:file:/home/bjerre/.     
    --https-port <String>                   If this option is present WireMock will 
                                              enable HTTPS on the specified port    
    --https-require-client-cert             Make the server require a trusted       
                                              client certificate to enable a        
    --https-truststore <String>             Path to an alternative truststore for   
                                              HTTPS client certificates. Must have  
                                              a password of "password".             
    --jetty-accept-queue-size <String>      The size of Jetty's accept queue size   
    --jetty-acceptor-threads <String>       Number of Jetty acceptor threads        
    --jetty-header-buffer-size <String>     The size of Jetty's buffer for request  
    --jetty-stop-timeout <String>           Timeout in milliseconds for Jetty to    
    --key-manager-password <String>         Key manager password for use with the   
                                              alternative keystore. (default:       
    --keystore-password <String>            Password for the alternative keystore.  
                                              (default: password)                   
    --keystore-type <String>                The HTTPS keystore type. (default: JKS) 
    --local-response-templating             Preprocess selected responses with      
                                              Handlebars templates                  
    --match-headers <String>                Enable request header matching when     
                                              recording through a proxy             
    --max-request-journal-entries <String>  Set maximum number of entries in        
                                              request journal (if enabled) to       
                                              discard old entries if the log        
                                              becomes too large. Default: no discard
    --max-template-cache-entries [String]   The maximum number of response template 
                                              fragments that can be cached. Only    
                                              has any effect when templating is     
                                              enabled. Defaults to no limit.        
    --no-request-journal                    Disable the request journal (to avoid   
                                              heap growth when running wiremock for 
                                              long periods without reset)           
    --permitted-system-keys [String]        A list of case-insensitive regular      
                                              expressions for names of permitted    
                                              system properties and environment     
                                              vars. Only has any effect when        
                                              templating is enabled. Defaults to no 
    --port <String>                         The port number for the server to       
                                              listen on (default: 8080). 0 for      
                                              dynamic port selection.               
    --preserve-host-header                  Will transfer the original host header  
                                              from the client to the proxied service
    --print-all-network-traffic             Print all raw incoming and outgoing     
                                              network traffic to console            
    --proxy-all <String>                    Will create a proxy mapping for /* to   
                                              the specified URL                     
    --proxy-via <String>                    Specifies a proxy server to use when    
                                              routing proxy mapped requests         
    --record-mappings                       Enable recording of all (non-admin)     
                                              requests as mapping files             
    --root-dir <String>                     Specifies path for storing recordings   
                                              (parent for mappings and __files      
                                              folders) (default: .)                 
    --trust-all-proxy-targets               Trust all certificates presented by     
                                              origins when browser proxying         
    --trust-proxy-target <String>           Trust any certificate presented by this 
                                              origin when browser proxying          
    --truststore-password <String>          Password for the trust store            
    --truststore-type <String>              The HTTPS trust store type (default:    
    --use-chunked-encoding <String>         Whether to use Transfer-Encoding:       
                                              chunked in responses. Can be set to   
                                              always, never or body_file. (default: 
    --verbose                               Enable verbose logging to stdout 



    npm i wiremock

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