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    Discord Backup

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    Note: this module uses recent discordjs features and requires discord.js version 12.

    Discord Backup is a powerful Node.js module that allows you to easily manage discord server backups.

    • Unlimited backups!
    • Backup creation takes less than 10 seconds!
    • Even restores messages with webhooks!
    • And restores everything that is possible to restore (channels, roles, permissions, bans, emojis, name, icon, and more!)


    • Supports base64 for emojis/icon/banner backup
    • New option to save backups in your own database
    • backup#delete() removed in favor of backup#remove()


    npm install --save discord-backup


    You can read this example bot on Github: backups-bot


    Create a backup for the server specified in the parameters!

     * @param {Guild} [Guild] - The discord server you want to backup
     * @param {object} [options] - The backup options
    const backup = require("discord-backup");
    backup.create(Guild, options).then((backupData) => {
        console.log(; // NSJH2

    Click here to learn more about backup options.


    Allows you to load a backup on a Discord server!

     * @param {string} [backupID] - The ID of the backup that you want to load
     * @param {Guild} [Guild] - The discord server on which you want to load the backup
    const backup = require("discord-backup");
    backup.load(backupID, Guild).then(() => {
        backup.remove(backupID); // When the backup is loaded, it's recommended to delete it


    Fetches information from a backup

     * @param {string} [backupID] - The ID of the backup to fetch
    const backup = require("discord-backup");
    backup.fetch(backupID).then((backupInfos) => {
            id: "BC5qo",
            size: 0.05
            data: {BackupData}


    Warn: once the backup is removed, it is impossible to recover it!

     * @param {string} [backupID] - The ID of the backup to remove
    const backup = require("discord-backup");


    Note: backup#list() simply returns an array of IDs, you must fetch the ID to get complete information.

    const backup = require("discord-backup");
    backup.list().then((backups) => {
        console.log(backups); // Expected Output [ "BC5qo", "Jdo91", ...]


    Updates the storage folder to another

    const backup = require("discord-backup");
    await backup.create(guild); // Backup created in ./backups/
    await backup.create(guild); // Backup created in ./my-backups/

    Advanced usage

    Create [advanced]

    You can use more options for backup creation:

    const backup = require("discord-backup");
    backup.create(guild, {
        maxMessagesPerChannel: 10,
        jsonSave: false,
        jsonBeautify: true,
        doNotBackup: [ "roles",  "channels", "emojis", "bans" ],
        saveImages: "base64"

    maxMessagesPerChannel: Maximum of messages to save in each channel. "0" won't save any messages.
    jsonSave: Whether to save the backup into a json file. You will have to save the backup data in your own db to load it later.
    jsonBeautify: Whether you want your json backup pretty formatted.
    doNotBackup: Things you don't want to backup. Available items are: roles, channels, emojis, bans.
    saveImages: How to save images like guild icon and emojis. Set to "url" by default, restoration may not work if the old server is deleted. So, url is recommended if you want to clone a server (or if you need very light backups), and base64 if you want to backup a server. Save images as base64 creates heavier backups.

    Load [advanced]

    As you can see, you're able to load a backup from your own data instead of from an ID:

    const backup = require("discord-backup");
    backup.load(backupData, guild, {
        clearGuildBeforeRestore: true

    clearGuildBeforeRestore: Whether to clear the guild (roles, channels, etc... will be deleted) before the backup restoration (recommended).
    maxMessagesPerChannel: Maximum of messages to restore in each channel. "0" won't restore any messages.

    Example Bot

    // Load modules
    const Discord = require("discord.js"),
    backup = require("discord-backup"),
    client = new Discord.Client(),
    settings = {
        prefix: "b!",
        token: "YOURTOKEN"
    client.on("ready", () => {
        console.log("I'm ready !");
    client.on("message", async message => {
        // This reads the first part of your message behind your prefix to see which command you want to use.
        let command = message.content.toLowerCase().slice(settings.prefix.length).split(" ")[0];
        // These are the arguments behind the commands.
        let args = message.content.split(" ").slice(1);
        // If the message does not start with your prefix return.
        // If the user that types a message is a bot account return.
        // If the command comes from DM return.
        if (!message.content.startsWith(settings.prefix) || || !message.guild) return;
        if(command === "create"){
            // Check member permissions
                return":x: | You must be an administrator of this server to request a backup!");
            // Create the backup
            backup.create(message.guild, {
                jsonBeautify: true
            }).then((backupData) => {
                // And send informations to the backup owner
      "The backup has been created! To load it, type this command on the server of your choice: `"+settings.prefix+"load ""`!");
      ":white_check_mark: Backup successfully created. The backup ID was sent in dm!");
        if(command === "load"){
            // Check member permissions
                return":x: | You must be an administrator of this server to load a backup!");
            let backupID = args[0];
                return":x: | You must specify a valid backup ID!");
            // Fetching the backup to know if it exists
            backup.fetch(backupID).then(async () => {
                // If the backup exists, request for confirmation
      ":warning: | When the backup is loaded, all the channels, roles, etc. will be replaced! Type `-confirm` to confirm!");
                    await => ( === && (m.content === "-confirm"), {
                        max: 1,
                        time: 20000,
                        errors: ["time"]
                    }).catch((err) => {
                        // if the author of the commands does not confirm the backup loading
                        return":x: | Time's up! Cancelled backup loading!");
                    // When the author of the command has confirmed that he wants to load the backup on his server
          ":white_check_mark: | Start loading the backup!");
                    // Load the backup
                    backup.load(backupID, message.guild).then(() => {
                        // When the backup is loaded, delete them from the server
                    }).catch((err) => {
                        // If an error occurred
                        return":x: | Sorry, an error occurred... Please check that I have administrator permissions!");
            }).catch((err) => {
                // if the backup wasn't found
                return":x: | No backup found for `"+backupID+"`!");
        if(command === "infos"){
            let backupID = args[0];
                return":x: | You must specify a valid backup ID!");
            // Fetch the backup
            backup.fetch(backupID).then((backupInfos) => {
                const date = new Date(;
                const yyyy = date.getFullYear().toString(), mm = (date.getMonth()+1).toString(), dd = date.getDate().toString();
                const formatedDate = `${yyyy}/${(mm[1]?mm:"0"+mm[0])}/${(dd[1]?dd:"0"+dd[0])}`;
                let embed = new Discord.MessageEmbed()
                    .setAuthor("Backup Informations")
                    // Display the backup ID
                    .addField("Backup ID",, false)
                    // Displays the server from which this backup comes
                    .addField("Server ID",, false)
                    // Display the size (in mb) of the backup
                    .addField("Size", `${backupInfos.size} kb`, false)
                    // Display when the backup was created
                    .addField("Created at", formatedDate, false)
            }).catch((err) => {
                // if the backup wasn't found
                return":x: | No backup found for `"+backupID+"`!");
    //Your secret token to log the bot in. (never share this to anyone!)

    Restored things

    Here are all things that can be restored with discord-backup:

    • Server icon
    • Server banner
    • Server region
    • Server splash
    • Server verification level
    • Server explicit content filter
    • Server default message notifications
    • Server embed channel
    • Server bans (with reasons)
    • Server emojis
    • Server AFK (channel and timeout)
    • Server channels (with permissions, type, nsfw, messages, etc...)
    • Server roles (with permissions, color, etc...)

    Example of things that can't be restored:

    • Server logs
    • Server invitations
    • Server vanity url


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