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Browserify plugin for Wintersmith


browserify plugin for wintersmith


Using wintersmith:

wintersmith plugin install browserify


npm install --save wintersmith-browserify

Then add wintersmith-browserify to your plugins list in wintersmith's config.json.


The browserify object in config.json is passed as browserify's bundle options.

In addition to browserify's standard options wintersmith-browserify adds the following:

  • requires - [{"filename": ["module", {name: "module", "expose": "exposed_name"}, ..]}, ..] - per-file bundle.require() mapping
  • externals - [{"filename": ["module", ..]}, ..] - per-file bundle.external() mapping
  • static - ["filename", ..] - list of files that will only be compiled once and cached in memory for subsequent requests
  • extensions - [".ext", ..] - list of file extensions for matching files - used for finding files in wintersmith and is passed on as the extensions option to browserify - default: [".js", ".coffee"]
  • fileGlob - "**/*.ext" - file matching glob - provides more powerful control over files matched (overwrites extensions option if given) - default: "**/.(EXTENSIONS_OPTIONS)"
  • staticLibs - ["module", ..] - static libraries added to separate bundle - for heavy dependencies that increase bundle times. you must include the static libs bundle for it to work, see below.
  • staticLibsFilename - "my/static/libs.js"] - path where the static library bundle will be served, defaults to scripts/libs.js. the bundle is also in the content tree as contents.browserifyLibs


A project with a heavy dependency can impact bundle times, this example uses requires, externals and static options to include react.js with minimal overhead.

    "browserify": {
        "transforms": [
        "extensions": [
        "externals": {
            "scripts/main.jsx": ["react"]
        "requires": {
            "scripts/libs.js": ["react"]
        "static": ["scripts/libs.js"]

wintersmith preview output

  first request
  200 /scripts/main.js BrowserifyPlugin 1899ms
  200 /scripts/libs.js BrowserifyPlugin 5299ms
  second request
  200 /scripts/libs.js BrowserifyPlugin 8ms
  200 /scripts/main.js BrowserifyPlugin 50ms

Tips and Tricks

Sometimes you only want to browserify specific files or folders instead of all of a particular file type. You can control exactly which files (and extension options) get passed to browserify with the extensions option. Any file extension listed here is matched by wintersmith and by browserify - for example, you can use the extensions option with '.coffee' to require('./foo') and have it resolve

By default, the fileGlob parameter is simply built from the extensions list, but you can manually set a fileGlob for even more control of the wintersmith matching side. Keep in mind that the extensions option is left unchanged (and is passed as an option to browserify).

FileGlob / Extensions Examples:

Only process 'filename.js.browserify' files using the extensions option:

    "browserify": {
        "extensions": [

Only process .js files in (or under) the 'scripts/prod' folder using the fileGlob option:

    "browserify": {
        "fileGlob": "scripts/prod/**/*js",