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In their Logging Best Practises Splunk strongly encourages the usage of key-value pairs in logs. This winston plugin takes messages and meta data hashes and creates a key-value structured string out of it.


npm install winston-splunkstorm

Example Usage

var winston = require('winston');
var splunkstorm = require('winston-splunkstorm');
winston.add(splunkstorm, {
    apiKey: 'api-key',
    projectId: 'project-id',
    apiHostName: 'api-host-name'
});{a: 'b'});
//output: 2013-12-09T07:10:49.522Z a=b, lvl=info, hst=fooHost 

Parameters for the splunkstorm constructor:

  • apiKey your apiKey at (mandatory)
  • projectId your projectId at (mandatory)
  • apiHostName the hostname assigned to your project by splunkStorm

Find more Details here.

Built with splunkstorm the client for the splunkstorm api.

Happy Logging!