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Avoid having to change log level when application start misbehaving and you want to see detailed logs.

Add a socket server winston transport with a more detailed logging level like this

winston.add(require('winston-socket-server'), { level: 'verbose', path: '/tmp/winston.sock', timestamp: true });

Then connect to the said socket file with nc -U /tmp/winston.sock and see all the messages (filter with grep -v).

Or if you want TCP sockets instead:

winston.add(require('winston-socket-server'), { level: 'verbose', listen: { port: '9997', host: 'localhost' } });
# nc localhost 9997

Warning: When starting, it will try to connect to the socket file, if it fails (e.g. other instance of the same app is not running), the file will be deleted.

Options: path: path to socket, defaults to default level: minimal logging level to send, defaults to silly (the most verbose)