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    Raven/Sentry transport for the winston v3 logger.



    npm install --save winston winston-sentry-raven-transport


    You can configure winston-sentry-raven-transport in two different ways.

    With new winston.Logger:

    const winston = require('winston');
    const Sentry = require('winston-sentry-raven-transport');
    const options = {
      dsn: 'https://******',
      level: 'info'
    const logger = new winston.Logger({
      transports: [
        new Sentry(options)

    Or with winston's add method:

    const winston = require('winston');
    const Sentry = require('winston-sentry-raven-transport');
    const logger = new winston.Logger();
    logger.add(new Sentry(options));

    See Options below for custom configuration.

    Options (options)

    Per options variable above, here are the default options provided:

    Default Sentry options:

    • dsn (String) - your Sentry DSN or Data Source Name (defaults to process.env.SENTRY_DSN)
    • config (Object) - a Raven configuration object (see Default Raven Options below)
    • install (Boolean) - automatically catches uncaught exceptions through Raven.install if set to true (defaults to false)
    • errorHandler (Function) - a callback function to use for logging Raven errors (e.g. an invalid DSN key). This defaults to logging the err.message, see Default Error Handler below... but if you wish to disable this just pass errorHandler: false. If there is already an error listener then this function will not get bound.
    • raven (Object) - an optional instance of Raven that is already configured via Raven.config (if provided this will be used instead of the config option

    Transport related options:

    • name (String) - transport's name (defaults to winston-sentry-raven)
    • silent (Boolean) - suppress logging (defaults to false)
    • level (String) - transport's level of messages to log (defaults to info)
    • levelsMap (Object) - log level mapping to Sentry (see Log Level Mapping below)

    Default Raven Options (options.config)

    • logger (String) - defaults to winston-sentry-raven
    • captureUnhandledRejections (Boolean) - defaults to false
    • culprit (String) - defaults to the module or function name
    • server_name (String) - defaults to process.env.SENTRY_NAME or os.hostname()
    • release (String) - defaults to process.env.SENTRY_RELEASE
    • tags (Array or Object) - no default value
    • environment (String) - defaults to process.env.SENTRY_ENVIRONMENT)
    • modules (Object) - defaults to package.json dependencies
    • extra (Object) - no default value
    • fingerprint (Array) - no default value

    For a full list of Raven options, please visit

    Default Error Handler (options.errorHandler)

    The default error handler is a function that is simply:

    function errorHandler(err) {

    ... and it is binded to the event emitter:

    Raven.on('error', this.options.errorHandler);

    Therefore if you have specified an invalid DSN key, then you will see its output on the command line.

    For example:

    raven@2.6.3 alert: failed to send exception to sentry: HTTP Error (401): Invalid api key

    If you pass options.errorHandler: false then no error handler will be binded.

    Uncaught Exceptions

    If you want to log uncaught exceptions with Sentry, then specify install: true in options:

    new Sentry({
      install: true

    Unhandled Promise Rejections

    If you want to log unhandled promise rejections with Sentry, then specify captureUnhandledRejections: true in options.config:

    new Sentry({
      config: {
        captureUnhandledRejections: true

    Log Level Mapping

    Winston logging levels are mapped by default to Sentry's acceptable levels.

    These defaults are set as `options.levelsMap' and are:

      silly: 'debug',
      verbose: 'debug',
      info: 'info',
      debug: 'debug',
      warn: 'warning',
      error: 'error'

    You can customize how log levels are mapped using the levelsMap option:

    new Sentry({
      levelsMap: {
        verbose: 'info'

    If no log level mapping was found for the given level passed, then it will not log anything.


    MIT License


    npm i winston-sentry-raven-transport

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