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An email transport layer for winston

Winston NodeMailer

is a transport for Winston that uses NodeMailer to send mails for log events. Contrary to other solution Winston NodeMailer requires you to provide a valid NodeMailer transport. It's in your hand how to configure your desired transport and to inject it into this module.

npm install winston-nodemailer

You can either invoke it via winston.Transports.NodeMailer like this:

var winston = require("winston");
winston.add(winston.Transports.NodeMailer, options);

or with a local variable that Winston NodeMailer exports:

var winston = require("winston");
var winstonNodeMailer = require("winston-nodemailer");
winston.add(winstonNodeMailer, options);
to The address(es) you want to send to. [required] from The address you want to send from. (default: winston@[server-host-name]) subject Subject for email (default: winston: {{level}} {{msg}}) level Level of messages that this transport should log. silent Boolean flag indicating whether to suppress output. transport A NodeMailer transport e.g. smtpTransport [required]