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A email transport for winston, borrowed almost entirely from winston-mail, thanks wavded!

This fork simply switches the email layer from emailjs to nodemailer because of an issue with buffertools, one of emailjs' dependencies.


Installing npm (node package manager)

  $ curl | sh

Installing winston-nodemail

  $ npm install winston
  $ npm install winston-nodemail


  var winston = require('winston');
  // Requiring `winston-mail` will expose 
  // `winston.transports.Mail` 
  winston.add(winston.transports.Mail, options);

The Mail transport uses nodemailer behind the scenes. Options are the following:

  • to: The address(es) you want to send to. [required]
  • from: The address you want to send from. (default: winston@[server-host-name])
  • host: SMTP server hostname (default: localhost)
  • port: SMTP port (default: 587 or 25)
  • username User for server auth
  • password Password for server auth
  • ssl: Use SSL (boolean or object { key, ca, cert })
  • tls: Boolean (if true, use starttls)
  • level: Level of messages that this transport should log.
  • silent: Boolean flag indicating whether to suppress output.