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    A transport for winston that utilises Airbrake


    npm install winston-airbrake2

    Once installed just add the airbrake transport to your winston with your apiKey:

    var winston = require('winston');
    winston.add(require('winston-airbrake2').Airbrake, {
      apiKey: 'd41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e'
    var message = 'This is my error message';
    winston.log('error', message, new Error(message));

    Important: to get a meaningful error message logged to your Airbrake project you need to pass an Error object as the meta in winston. Passing an error object will add a stack trace to Airbrake which will allow you to better debug the error:

    var message = 'Something went wrong';
    winston.log('error', message, new Error(message));
    winston.error(message, new Error(message));


    All of the options from the node-airbrake module are available.

    Option Default Description
    apiKey null (Required) The apikey that allows you to post to a specific project, this can be found in the project settings.
    level 'error' (Optional) The level that dictates which logs go to airbrake. by default all error messages will be sent.
    host 'http://' + os.hostname() (Optional) The information that is displayed within the URL of the Airbrake interface.
    env process.env.NODE_ENV or 'development' (Optional) The environment will dictate what happens with your message. If your environment is currently one of the 'developmentEnvironments', the error will not be sent to Airbrake.
    timeout 30000 (Optional) The maximum time allowed to send to Airbrake in milliseconds.
    developmentEnvironments ['development', 'test'] (Optional) The environments that will not send errors to Airbrake.
    projectRoot null (Optional) Extra information sent to Airbrake
    appVersion null (Optional) Extra information sent to Airbrake
    consoleLogError false (Optional) Toggle the logging of errors when the current environment is in developmentEnvironments


    npm test


    npm i winston-airbrake2

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