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Node NetInfo addon

This addon for Node.js allows you to get the system's DNS configuration under Windows.

It doesn't work on *nix, where you can simply read /etc/resolv.conf to get the system's DNS servers.


This project is available on npm. Since it is a native (C++) addon, you'll need everything node-gyp needs to build projects, which includes Python 2.7 and MS VC++.

> npm install winnetinfo


  1. var ni = require('winnetinfo');
  2. ni.getNetworkParams();

You'll get something like this:

{ hostName: 'daguej',
  domainName: '',
   [ '',
	 '', ],
  dnsEnabled: false,
  nodeType: 4,
  domain: '',
  arpProxyEnabled: false,
  routingEnabled: false,
  dhcpScope: '' }