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Trajectory Plugin

Tutorial by mhaberler

  • Select levels.
  • Select models.
  • Select trajectory duration.
  • Select Ascent and Descent speed (m/s).
  • If Ascent or Descent is set at 0, ascent or descent phases will be ignored.
  • Set sample frequency for ascent/descent and for level flight. The default for asc/des is 1 min and level flight is 15 min.
  • Set start time with the Windy time slider.
  • Place the picker.
  • Start!
  • The progress slider will show progress.
  • You can create many trajectories.
  • The trajectory can also be calculated in reverse, to find the starting point.
  • Clicking a trajectory will switch the map to the correct timestamp and level, and the info-marker will show the info at that point. The info-marker can be dragged along the trajectory.
  • When you click Start, the picker will be used for the start of the new trajectory, else the info-marker will be used if visible.
  • The Route Planner has been added to the trajectory plugin. In the info-marker click the Route Planner button to open the section cut for that trajectory. The marker interval slider will determine the waypoints used in the Route Planner.
  • PluginDataLoader is used end will use the model currently selected in Windy. (ECMWF, GFS or ICON).
  • The Layer interpolation method has been added in version 0.7.0. The data is then read from the overlay data and not from the server for each point. This is faster, but probably less accurate, since interpolation is done on interpolated values.
  • Trajectories can also be hidden, by clicking on the model or level in the settings menu.




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