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simple file-based blog engine

in development, feel free to contribute but use at your own risk.


  • open a console
  • create a directory for your blog
  • cd inside that directory and type npm install windmill
  • paste this: echo "require('windmill')" >> index.js
  • now running node index.js will start your blog on default port (3000)
  • finally, replicate this file structure:

writing your first post

post's filename are pretty simple:, so for May 15th 2012 it would be 20130514.

every post has a header which contain the post info, it's a JSON header like this:

    "title" : "Example Post",
    "published" : "Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00",
    "author" : "Tommy Bergeron <>"

the header must be first 5 lines of every post.

the rest of the file is dedicated to your post's markdown formatted content.


you can create a config.json that looks like this:

    "title" : "Example Blog"
    "port" : 3000


the default theme is not modifiable yet since this package is in very early development.