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Win95 Media Player

A React media player component inspired by the Media Player app that shipped with Windows 95 (one of the early versions of Windows Media Player).

Works on the web, in an Electron app, or anywhere ReactDOM will run!

See it live!

Under the hood we rely on two React component libraries:


npm install win95-media-player

quick start

The first thing you need is a working React application. If you don't have one, you can try create-react-app to skip all the annoying parts of setting one up.

After that, adding Win95 Media Player to your app is simple!

Assuming you have this in your html...

  .player {
    /* width can be anything, this is just a suggestion */
    width: 350px;
<div id="app"></div>

Just run this JavaScript:

// JavaScript
import React from 'react';
import ReactDOM from 'react-dom';
import { MediaPlayer } from 'win95-media-player';
const playlist = [
    url: '',
    title: 'Computer Chronicles - Windows 95'

And you should have a working MediaPlayer on your page! It should look something like this.



A fully-functional media player component. Accepts all the props accepted by MediaPlayerUI and Cassette's PlayerContextProvider


The UI component used by MediaPlayer. If you're building a more complex media player app with Cassette, you can render this directly inside of a React tree wrapped by a PlayerContextProvider to hook into the surrounding playerContext.


Prop name Prop type Default value Description
getDisplayText Function track => track.title Receives a track object (or undefined if none is active) and returns a string of display text
showVideo Boolean false A boolean which must be set true to display video
fullscreenEnabled Boolean false If set true, adds a maximize button to the title bar which will trigger fullscreen mode
className String An optional CSS class name to pass to the outer window div
style Object An optional React style object to pass to the outer window div

special thanks

@felixrieseberg's windows95 app allowed me to play around with the real Windows 95 Media Player so I could extract the concept for this project.

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