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Spawn for node.js but in a way that works regardless of which OS you're using. Use this if you want to use spawn with a JavaScript file. It works by explicitly invoking node on windows. It also shims support for environment variable setting by attempting to parse the command with a regex. Since all modification is wrapped in if (os === 'Windows_NT') it can be safely used on non-windows systems and will not break anything.


$ npm install win-spawn


Command Line

All the following will work exactly as if the 'win-spawn ' prefix was ommitted when on unix.

$ win-spawn foo
$ win-spawn ./bin/foo
$ win-spawn NODE_PATH=./lib foo
$ win-spawn NODE_PATH=./lib foo arg1 arg2

You can also transform all the line endings in a directory from \r\n to \n just by running:

$ win-line-endings

You can preview the changes by running:

$ win-line-endings -p

It will ignore node_modules and .git by default, but is not clever enough to recognise binary files yet.


This will just pass through to child_process.spawn on unix systems, but will correctly parse the arguments on windows.

spawn('foo', [], {stdio: 'inherit'});
spawn('./bin/foo', [], {stdio: 'inherit'});
spawn('NODE_PATH=./lib foo', [], {stdio: 'inherit'});
spawn('NODE_PATH=./lib foo', [arg1, arg2], {stdio: 'inherit'});